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13th February 2005, 22:03
I need some advice on my new bike. I have a 2005 883C with 300 miles on it. I replaced the stock mufflers with Cycle Shack slip-ons. They sound awesome, but when I've been riding and the engine is warm and I come to a stop, it seems that the motor is reving too high. Do I need to adjust the idle and does anyone know if this could have been caused by my new slip-ons? Do I need to re-jet or just adjust idle? Any ideas?

13th February 2005, 22:05
Just adjust your idle for starters. Might want to check your cable routing and slack too.


13th February 2005, 22:11
I'm kind of new to bikes, is there a thread that shows idle adjustment on stock carbs?

13th February 2005, 22:25
I'm sure there is a thread or three about it. Just do a search or look in the carburetion/exhaust section.

It is a simple adjustment tho, just look to the right side of the carb near the top, and you will see the idle adjustment screw (not to be confused with the idle mixture). Back it out until it idles right.

Mine idles around 950-1000 rpms. Good luck. :)


13th February 2005, 23:33
Adjust your idle as if you had rejetted it...

Read this link carefully..


print it out and follow the last section on setting idle explicitly..

let us know how it goes!

13th February 2005, 23:35
oops...you haven't ever had that bike rejetted, you can't do this..


Bart's right, with only 300 miles on it, just run the idle down a bit and see if that helps...it ought to...

13th February 2005, 23:40
Thanks! Appreciate the advice. Will try it in a couple of days and let you know how it comes out.

14th February 2005, 00:05
Might also check your enricher… The idle will be high if the enricher is not in all the way when it is warmed up. The manual states "The increase in idle speed is intended to alert the rider...etc"