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14th February 2005, 01:46
This weekend I made a trip to my local dealer, which is Sport Motors HD in Eau Claire, WI. I went to buy a SE air cleaner, along with a bunch of other goodies. The parts guy was, and always is, extremely helpful. I went planning on just buying a 45 slow jet instead of the dynojet kit, but even before I could tell him, he recommended the same thing. He always tries to save me as much money as he can, and never tries to push a part because it is more expensive. The rest of the employees are just as helpful, and always friendly. I read so much about people getting screwed by dealers, so I just thought I would share my experience and let you all know that they aren't all bad.

14th February 2005, 02:51
I have to concur with that.

I have a dealer here called Stan's Harley Davidson in Batavia, NY.....

The parts folks (especially Heidi) are VERY knowledgeable and have invested countless amounts of time finding little stupid crap that I needed when I first got my bike (the previous owner was "ratting it out", and I needed lots of ridiculous hardware....)

There is a closer dealer to me, but they keep no inventory and specialize in service, it seems....

In fact, they wouldn't even talk to me about my bike in "snowmobile season".

But Stan's has always been so good to me, I felt I had to say something nice about them...


14th February 2005, 03:04
I have to concur with that.
Really good people. They let me sit on some of the bikes, chatted with me and even wrote a part# so I could buy the parts whan I got back to Ga.