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Rev C
12th May 2006, 02:13
I bought custom grips for the 04 sporty. They are Custom Chromes, with the cable holders, not the slip overs. The new cable holders on the grips are not a complete circle where the ball end fits in. As a result, the cable that is not getting pulled on is always falling out when the throttle is turned or being returned. It seems as though they are not getting pulled back by the carb at the other end. I guess there are a few possibilities and was wondering if anyone had experienced the same thing when replacing grips with aftermarkets. My thoughts are:

1) It was always like this and the stock grips were pushing the cables back to the carb.
2) The cables need to be adjusted at the carb somehow
3) The cables stretched while I was tugging on them to take off the old grips and now there is too much slop

Any advice?

12th May 2006, 02:25
Adjust the cables per the service manual. Do you have one? If not, get one.