View Full Version : Rejetted

14th February 2005, 13:22
Well, the weather was decent this weekend (not warm enough for riding, but warm enough to work in the garage), so I cracked open the carb, and rejetted. My bike originally came with SE slip-ons, I added the SE intake last fall, but have never actually done carb work. I installed a 170 main and 45 pilot jet. Had to grind down a screwdriver to get the pilot jet out. I followed the instructions found elsewhere on this forum, and found the job relatively easy.
Can't wait to get on the road again and try out my ride. Thanks XL forum!

14th February 2005, 13:51
Sounds about right. Same setup I have though I think it's time to shim my needle just a tad for better midrange.

14th February 2005, 14:33
It'll be at least another month before I can get back on the road. Freezing rain today. Bah!
I'll fire it up in the garage and disturb the neighbours.
However, it's more a confidence booster to be able to do the job. Now I'm fearless and ready to tackle the 1200 conversion (next winter)!