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14th February 2005, 15:59
A friend of mine just picked up a 72 ironhead. The thing only has 8000 original miles on it. The bike was originally purchased by a guy with a vineyard in CA. He bought it to ride 5 miles a day to his mailbox. In '75 he died in a plane crash and it sat until '89. The gardener would start and ride it every 6 mos or so. Then it came to WA and was barely riden for the next 15 years.

It's original except for the grips and tires. She never been apart! It belongs in a museum. A machine is only original once. Price paid $4500.

14th February 2005, 16:07
Some guys really do have luck on their side. ENJOY (is envy showing through).........:clap

14th February 2005, 16:51
Now lets see if I can remember the chant, oh yes here it is
Lets see pics! :tour Lets see pics! :tour Lets see pics! :tour

14th February 2005, 17:15
cool deal....I'd love to find some fresh items like that here...

14th February 2005, 17:26
I'll get some pics when I get a chance. Upon further inspection the ignition cover I think has been changed and the Name on the tank removed, but other than those items it is a cherry, that's for sure. When he called me Friday, I told him if he didn't buy it I would.

Hopefully it ends up being to small for him! :D

15th February 2005, 03:51
What a find...some guy's have all the luck...I hope he has a good experience with it