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15th February 2005, 04:55
i am looking to switch out the factory drag bars on my 03 sportster to 6 or 8 inch riser pull back drag bars. any info on doing this as far as cables needing swapped out or how to actually hide the wires that are behind the center plate on the factory bars. any info on what bars to use. I've seen several bars I would like to use any info would be appreciated.

16th February 2005, 04:38
My buddy has the drags with risers built in,,they look good, but be careful on the angle of the bars. the pullback..His curve back, which it was hard to tell in the photo, making his wrists bent all the time...Hard to explain!

If you want to sale your drag bars, let me know. I am looking for some for my 883 2003...

16th February 2005, 06:09
how could i find out what it takes to switch them out. or what the right style of drag bars would be. I'm going to an easy rider event in columbus this weekend maybe I can get some ideas there. if i do switch them out i would consider selling them.


16th February 2005, 11:08
...... how to actually hide the wires that are behind the center plate on the factory bars .......
Either get rid of all connectors and solder the wires together one by one OR rewire the whole thing and hide the connectors under the tank .... :rolleyes:
You can re-use the control lights panel .... :shhhh

16th February 2005, 13:19
I found that on a 2000 883 which I installed drag bars that the speedo wires would not reach in the current wiring pattern. So I rerouted it and gained the little extra length that I needed. I put 4.5" pullback risers on mine and I was about an inch short with the wire.

16th February 2005, 16:51
hey thanks guys for the info. if you guys have anymore info or anyone else has any i would be glad to listen. appreciate it. thanks.

16th February 2005, 16:57
Just curious- what do you mean by 'pull back drag bars', Isn't that a contradiction? Drag bars are straight across, they don't pull back.
I swapped my factory drag bars out for a set of 1200S bars- slight pull back, more comfortable for my shoulders. Had to get a slightly longer brake line, but everyhting elso fit just fine.

16th February 2005, 19:18
the pull back is from the risers, most of the dragbars are straight across but just like on the sportster the bars are called drag bars but they also have a slight bend. they don't lay straight across the top of the tree.. So are the ones that come factory actually considered drag bars? who knows. I just know i'm looking to do something a little taller and more laid back.

16th February 2005, 19:24
They make plenty of one piece drag bar/riser combo's that do in fact "pullback". It's actually the risers that do the pulling back. Take your pick. As long as they clear your tank then you're set. Here's a link to a page with a few styles.

Honestly I prefer to change the risers and bars separately rather than the one piece because you then have the flexibility of angling the bars however you like.

16th February 2005, 21:00
thanks, i'll be sure and check out the link.

17th February 2005, 00:01
Check out http://www.wild1inc.com they have
the wild1 chubbys which are 1 1/4 thick with recessed ends
for hidden wires. I run the WO500 in a 8'' rise and 11.5" pull
back, they are 30.5" wide from end to end. They pull back
and make the rider more comfortable.
The cables and brake line will have to be extended to help
make the bars swing freely.Only other consideration would
be what to do with the speedo?

5th June 2006, 01:54
I thought the WO500 were a 6" rise?

WO500 CHUBBY® 6.0" Drags,
4.5" end rise, 10.5" pullback.