View Full Version : Bike feels like there, "drag" when shiftin gears??

20th May 2006, 19:27
feels like there, "drag" when shiftin gears?? I had a new chain put on last week so it might just run smoother then my old chain but feels like there should be more pull through the gears then there is???

21st May 2006, 12:02
Did you mess with the clutch at all? Might need re-adjustment.

21st May 2006, 13:51
When you say drag, do you mean the shifter feels like it is dragging on something? That did not make sense to me with the "pull through the gears" part. More info please.

The 86-90 4 speeds have some significant potential problems with the shifting, not the least of which is the shifter detent. First they wear, making shifting feel notching or scratchy, then the detent breaks in two and you're stuck in one gear or maybe it changes gears on its own. If you're feeling that drag, it's worth a look to take a peek in the trans at the shift detent. Unfortunately, there's no way to do it other than to remove the trans completely.

Of course, there could be a dozen other things too. More info please.


22nd May 2006, 11:46
it justs like theres not much acceleration after I shift into next gear and let out the clutch. at least it feels like theres less then there used to be but maybe with the new chain there might a smoothers pull through the gears?

22nd May 2006, 15:50
Hmm - I think it would worthwhile to do a dyno baseline to confirm what you feel. You can find quite a few drivetrain problems on the dyno, especially with the chain, clutch, etc.

When the chain was replaced, where the sprockets replaced too? Typically, that's not done, and that in itsef can create problems too.

A dyno baseline is a cheap way to get more information to help you find the problem (if there is one.)


24th May 2006, 02:58
if the chain's adjusted too tight and the sprockets aren't properly aligned it'll bind up on the sprocket and can cause the symptoms you describe.....
make sure thats right or you'll be grinding up parts.....


24th May 2006, 03:31
If the chain is to tight it will "whine" and sound like a "supercharger" down in the primary area.

24th May 2006, 05:05
FYI, here is a dyno run of a bike that had a bad chain and sprockets. The run is in blue (all squiggly) - I drew in a green line to approximate what a normal curve would look like. Just roughly. It's attached.


12th June 2006, 19:46
hagar71: did you ever resolve this problem?


17th June 2006, 12:04
yes it is fixed!! there was deep consistent grooves on my rotor from the pressure plate down deep in the primary. why this happened we dont know. the stator was also shot and a piece was broker off inside there! after a few pretty coins the bike is runnin strong again. i had to relearn how to ride it. she almost threw me of the back with her grab! thanx for the posts....

17th June 2006, 18:02
Wow - that's a bunch of work. I am into something similar on my '88 right now, with magnets coming off the rotor. More in a later thread.

Congrats on getting yours fixed.