View Full Version : My Bride is Riding Now

25th May 2006, 15:33
Some of you may reemember that I got my wife an 883L for Mother'ss Day. Well as of Sunday she had already put 380+ miles on it. Every Afeternoon when I get home she wants to go for a ride. Maybe this weekend I can put up a pic or two, just haven't had much time.

Sportster Girl
25th May 2006, 15:38
Most excellent Steve! I too have an 883L and I love it!

See if she would like to join us here on the forum, we'd love to have her her too!

25th May 2006, 16:11
Thats so cool, I just got my ole lady on the BACK of the bike... that'll have to do for a while for me. :D

Congrats, hope you guys log a lot of safe and fun miles...

25th May 2006, 16:34
Never mind the pics, just ride!

25th May 2006, 17:25
that's awesome man!!! congrads!!!