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29th May 2006, 12:06
A few more miles and it will be time to do the 5000 mile check up.
Since the dealer wants 300 bucks I figure I will attempt it myself.
I can check all the bolts and screws and see if anything is loose.
I can change the oil and filter, and put in the HD synthetic stuff.
What kind of oil goes into the derby cover? Is this the transmisson oil?
What else needs to be changed?
How hard is it to check and adjust the clutch cable? Brake cable? etc.

29th May 2006, 15:07
Buy the Factory Service Manual. The Owners Manual lists every thing you need to check, the FSM tells you how. Nothing is that complicated but setting the clutch and stuff is all covered. $60 in fluids plus $60 for the manual is less than half the cost for typical 5k service. Go with synth oil, pick the manufacturer.

29th May 2006, 16:01
I beleive the 5K interval skips the gearbox oil. If it was done at 1K then you can wait until 10K for that one and just do the crankcase oil change. Unless your anal...

smoking man
3rd June 2006, 06:58
i just recently did my 5 k service and changed the oil and tranny and did check all items in the srvice manual and all it cost me was about 1 1/2 hrs and about 56.00 in fluids and used syn3 and tranny fluid from harley. and the servixce manual made most of so simple, plus alot of info from the forum helped alot too.just come back if you have any questions and the guys and gals will be glad to help.so go for it.

3rd June 2006, 07:03
I just priced the 10 k service at the dealer and they want 430.00 with dyno oil....needless to say I will do it by my factory manual and save some cash...

10th June 2006, 22:06
The FSM is my next Harley purchase, but I figure I should be able to pull the derby cover, drain the trans. oil and refill it without a manual.
What kind of oil is it? It does not look like transmission fluid. Looks like regular ole' oil.

10th June 2006, 22:15

10th June 2006, 22:19
thanks X
I will be heading to the dealer to pick up some Fomuler +