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31st May 2006, 21:48
Hi all, not posted for a while, but could really do with some of that old XL wisdom right about now. Have found my turn signal module is stopping my turn signals working at times. Work fine for a time, then stop all together, then back working? However singled it down to it happening over bumps, potholes and such like. Thought bad earth, broken wire, but it turns out if I press on the black base of the module, the turn signals stop working, even mounted on its shock rubber mount it still takes a few knocks I suppose. Have it rapped up in foam padding just now, but question is, can it be split for a internal inspection and possible repair? or is it off to the Stealer, sorry sorry, Harley Davidson house of magical repairs for a new one? Look forward to any comments. Thanks in advance
883to1200 2003 sporty

31st May 2006, 23:01
What year/model of bike?

Same turn signal canceler for 1996-2003 Sportster, 1996-2000 Softtail, Dyna and Dresser.

If your bike falls in these catagories, then find a friend who will let you swap modules and see if trouble stays with the bike or moves to your friends bike.

Cheaper and easier way of trouble shooting than buying a new module.

31st May 2006, 23:23
Hi Gusotto, the bike is a 2003 xlh, and I have already checked with a mates module. The fault lies with the module right enough, its just I wonder if anyone has ever stripped one before. I am into amateur radio as well, so often get the soldering iron out to repair simple circuits, but if its really a sealed unit, or even a surface mount design, there will be little point trying a repair. But thanks for reply
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31st May 2006, 23:28
Replace it...it ain't worth the hassle....