View Full Version : Whats the best ignition module for the early evo's

7th June 2006, 19:45
Well I have been looking at ignition modules but there are so many diffrent types and I can't seem to find a Screaming Eagle module but what is everyone running and which ones seem to work the best. If I'm going to spend a bit of money I want to know its going to show me a diffrence and be the best one to work with what has already been done. So far besides whats listed I've got a SE coil and plugs comeing and Tyler 8mm wires.

7th June 2006, 19:52
My indy reccommended the dyna 2000i. He didn't really give any advantages or disadvantages of any particular type, just that it's the one he uses most and has had good experience with it.

7th June 2006, 19:54
I have the SE module on my '88, the 6800 RPM one, I think. It's been so long, I would need to check. That one is still available from HD. I know that HD says it won't fit back before 1988, but is there any reason you can think of that it wouldn't work? Maybe something related to the CV carb which came out in '88? If that were the case, I don't see how it would matter for that reason on your bike, with the S&S Super E.

It's PN 32597-96, and you would need a harness if you don't already have one, 32408-90.


7th June 2006, 19:55
True on the Dyna 2000i. Nice to have something adjustable. The SE is just plug and go, whether you like it or not.


7th June 2006, 21:11
Alright Im going to look into the Dyna 2000i's and the SE thanks guys

7th June 2006, 21:13
Anyone know the part number for the Dyna 2000i in the Drag Specilties catalog that would fit the 86 883's I believe there on page 527 in the 06 catalog but not real sure what all part numbers I need I don't need a coil but probbley a harness.

7th June 2006, 21:25
Crane Hi-4 should also be fine. Dyna is good stuff but figure $400. If you're just lookin for a little better spark and more rev limit the SE should also be good. I don't think the Dyna part # is in my Custom Chrome catalog for early EVO Sportster. Call your local Indy. Last Dyna 2000 I installed was a kit with coil and single fire. Pretty easy to install but $400 and that was supposedly a deal at the time. Never had a problem with Dyna or Crane Hi-4 either. Don't know if the gains will be drastic unless you have a problem with what ya got. Most of the stuff out now days has enough spark to light the fuel and burn it! Anybody tried the MSD motorcycle stuff?
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8th June 2006, 21:06
Anyone got a Drag Specilties and/or Custom Chrome part number for the Dyna 2000i and the Crane Hi-4 ignition module that will work on a 86 883XLH thanks.

8th June 2006, 22:17
These are all Drag Specialties part numbers:

1. HI-4 Dual-fire ignition (4° advance capability) DS-242313 $247.95

2. HI-4 Single-fire ignition (not legal for pollution-controlled vehicles); capable of adjusting the rear cylinder timing +/-5° (90 DS-242312 $276.95

3. HI-4 Single-fire ignition; California legal and has no rear cylinder timing adjustment (CARB E.O. #D-225-43) DS-242314 $276.95

4. Dyna 2000i Module Only 2101-0027 $249.95

I got the information from here:




24th July 2006, 03:55
Man I just had to put an ignition module in my 03 Sportster. I was riding down the road about 80 MPH, when BANG!!! out the pipes. The bike just shut down:wonderlan I had no spark to the plugs, and I just put the $150.00 stock part in, and it works great:banana