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BWP 5p
7th June 2006, 22:50
Hey Guys,
When I bought my 05 1200R, the dealer had already done motor work.

I don't know what these cams are or any specs.
Can someone tell me from the p/n what they are?

25197-04 XL Cam Set
They also installed 22244-04 Piston Rings and 18013-03 Valve springs.
Any info would be appreciated.

7th June 2006, 23:00
Found in the on-line SE catalog:

http://www.harley-davidson.com/wcm/content/pages/racing/screamin_eagle_parts.jsp?locale=en_US&bmLocale=en_US&HDCWPSession=GHJH1T1wQv8zthTLJBFrypVNhJmJWWDgJfDwb pSGy11J92yK8TK4!-896175583!-690206939

Those are the SE "E" cams. Sometimes called the SE .551" cams. Same specs as the Buell XB-12 cams:

Duration: 249 / 249

Max Lift: 551" / .551"

TDC Lift: .197" / .122"

INT. 25 / 44
EXT. 59 / 10

I had a set of those in my engine, but they were noisy, so I changed them to a set from Zippers.

BWP 5p
7th June 2006, 23:10
Found in the on-line SE catalog:

I had a set of those in my engine, but they were noisy, so I changed them to a set from Zippers.

:laugh Thanks Ron.....Noisy might even be a mild understatement:roflblack
More Like LOUD....as in clatter:doh
The Zippers lots quiter?

7th June 2006, 23:20
The Zippers are the "Red Shift" cams. They take your stock cams, grind off the lobes and weld on new lobes. If your stock cams were quiet, so will the new cams be ... since they really are your stock cams with new lobes.

The reason the SE .551" cams are so noisy is because of loose clearancing between the cam gears. Also, the Andrews N4s perform about the same as the SE .551s, but I understand they are alot quieter.

8th June 2006, 00:37
y did they change the piston rings and valve springs?? the stock springs are made to handle the lift of the 'E' cams, hence their 'bolt-in' name... just wondering...

BWP 5p
8th June 2006, 01:11
Matt....can't tell you why. I am making 82 horsies though.

9th June 2006, 16:16
Those E cams will work with the stock springs. The buell XB has the same valve train. (same P#s) 18013-03 are beehive springs, like stock, but made for up to .575 lift and have 208lbs installed pressure. that's out of my SE catalog.

The rings I don't know much about except they are standard bore. Of course there is no reason to re-ring it for a cam change. :dunno

Perhaps someone more knowledgable can chime in as well.

Bueller.....Bueller.....Anyone? :frownthre