View Full Version : Buckhorn Handlebar Kit..Will it fit a 2004?

17th February 2005, 09:44
I had these handebars on my 96 Sporty.
They fitted straight on with no modifications as the standard handlebar wiring was long enough to reach without extending it.

I wanna fit them to my 2004 as I find them to be the most comfortable bars for my taste...but I don't know if the standard wiring has enough length.

I don't wanna cut and extend the wiring.

Does anyone know. Has anyone fitted these bars to an 04/05 Sporty?


HD part# 56078-96A :)

17th February 2005, 10:46
Check out H-D part #70085-04.
I believe the stock wiring isn't long enough . . .
I am in the process of getting all the parts to do the same thing,
just haven't done it yet.

I don't want to cut any wiring either, so I am gonna use Deutsch
connectors to make jumper lines to extend my stock wiring. . . .

see website here . . .


I know others here can probably tell us more . . .

18th February 2005, 08:09
I originally posted this thread in the "accessories" section but decided to post a copy of it here as well.

Thanx for that part# Willard :)

Handlebar Switch Kit-Chrome $159.95
"Whether you want to ride taller in the saddle or you’re completely rebuilding your bike, this exclusive Harley-Davidson® kit simplifies your switch from drag bars to taller Buckhorn style handlebars. Featuring the same assembly used at the factory, the kit includes all necessary hardware and wiring assembly."

Fits 04 XL models. Wire length: left 31 5/8”, right 31 5/8”.

Hmmmm..bit too expensive for a simple bar change :frownone