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29th August 2008, 23:52
I have the FM and parts catalog but it doesn't explain well enough how the whole assembly goes together. I can't figure out how or if the top of the fork boot fits in the smaller retainer opening. Does the boot go in the retainer or over it. If there is someone who can explain how this all fits together I'm all ears.


30th August 2008, 01:05
the retainer is screwed onto the lower tree via small screws and nuts to hold it in place,
also if you look at the parts book it shows the vent tube so zero pressue is within the boot with bouncing down the road.
yes the rubber boot is stretched over that retainer and that tight fit keeps it in place, at the other end it is not uncommon for guys to you a black tye wrap to assist the boot to stay put on the fork tube slider..
68 thru 70 had a one inch longer travel added so my 69 does have the tye wraps to help..
hope this helps

30th August 2008, 01:13
Thank You Monte
One question though, what is the orientation of the upper retainer. Is the open side up or down, looking at the photo does this side go up to the tree?

30th August 2008, 01:27
Your pic is showing the UNDER side of the retainer,
flip it, and it bolts to the triple tree that has the Ears cast in..
there were other parts like a felt ring that was sandwiched between the tree and the retainer, not sure why as it really does not do a damn thing, the vents should be utilized, on a post 64 CH you will notice holes about 1/4 inch just for the vent tubes to poke thru the XLCH Cover.. love those damn early forks, wish they were stronger..
it may look at of place until you lower the Pretty XLCH cover, I love the Look, no prettier front end that I have withnessed, ( well maybe a nice Ceriani)

added trick: place the boot in HOT water before installing and then go for it ( like a Virgin in back of the Dodge!)LoL

30th August 2008, 01:45
FDNY I replied, email so I know I got thru..