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10th June 2006, 22:00
Was ridin down the road bike died on me no electrical power at all lights and all gone. I have checked connections at battery solenoid and ignition. the ground is also on tight any other ideas im lost. Not much on the electrical

10th June 2006, 22:47
check your fuses?

11th June 2006, 17:55
not that its a 77 xlh not factory wiring harness so makes things a little difficult

11th June 2006, 18:06
Go thur all your harnesses and inspect every inch of them for pinched wires...

Make sure ALL your grounds are good...

Take your hand controls apart and inspect the wiring there...


20th June 2006, 14:48
checked all wires nothing that i can see is wrong. What else could it be changed circuit breakers already. Any ideas i have no electrical at all no lights nothing. thanks

20th June 2006, 14:52
I'd move on to the ignition circuit. Do you still have an ignition switch in it?

20th June 2006, 14:59
it has the switch in the housing on the bars. never really use it just keep it in run and use the key to start. so might have to replace the switch then. would the switch cause everything to go out though

20th June 2006, 15:03
The switch closes the circuit to provide +12v to everything in the handlebars, is the best way I can describe it. Think of it this way, when the ignition switch is in the off position, what has Power? (I can't remember if the brake circuit has power with the switch off)

20th June 2006, 15:06
do you have a test light? if not you are going to need one