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19th February 2005, 03:27
Just looking for a little advice. I'm about to attempt to install braided stainless clutch cable and the instructions are a little sketchy. I have an 04 1200 custom. The top part by the lever I've done when I installed chrome housings but the bottom seems a little hairy. Any advice and how detailed of an install this is going to be would be appreciated. Thanks.


20th February 2005, 21:53
It's not really to hard. I've never had the cable off at both ends at once, but will be doing in the next month or so. I want to go braided as well my cable is rubbed thru and leaks ia bit. buy a new oring seal for the derby cover while your at it about $0.25. anyway loosen the adjustment up then take the cable off the lever first. remove the derby cover, spring and lockplate. unscrew the nut that holds the ramp&ball assembly inplace pull the ramp&ball out disconnect the cable and unscrew it from the cover. reverse to put it back. Don't forget the oring. here's a link to some instructions for cable adjustment

Just make sure you don't tighten the nut up too much, just enough so the ramp&ball don't jiggle when you hit it with your finger. the 93/94 fm says to snug it up, but by my definition of snug @5lb torq thats way to much and you'll get a block from home & no clutch. I KNOW. Disregard if someone tells you thing changed in 04. anyway good luck :tour

6th June 2007, 17:23
when you say if you tighten down to much what do you mean "no clutch"

I am having problems with mine and I may have tightend down to much. Clutch is properly adjusted but when I hit friction zone it feels like im going uphill and towing a mack truck. Needs 1/2 throttle to keep it in gear and keep it from stalling.


6th June 2007, 18:06
Do the lever end last. you'll want the whole cable to be able to screw into the housing smoothly and easily with no possible binding up that could cause any kind of sideways pressure on the screw part. I myself have snapped the damn screw part because I tightened too hard on a new diamond back cable. So, use the rubber O-ring, lightly oiled using a finger you dip into the fluid when you have the derby cover off, and screw that fitting in by hand. Do NOT overtighten...remember, the screw part is hollow so that the clutch cable passes through...it does NOT have the strength of all other HD grade 8 bolts. Just snug it up so that primary oil doesn't leak past the O-ring. THEN, attach the lever end of the cable. All other ball and ramp instructions I'll leave to the very accurate sticky's and other threads that describe this process in simple terms. Good Luck. Don't make the same idiot mistake I did in breaking a very expensive line. And don't throw away the old clutch cable for a long time...just in case...