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22nd November 2004, 17:35
I'm thinking of doing something unique (maybe it's not unique or won't be after I post this) regarding the swing arm on my '04 Sporty. It comes from the factory as everyone knows painted black. The only options are to buy a chrome one or keep the black one. I was thinking of having it painted the same color as my tank and fender as well as having the oil tank cover and battery cover painted the same. Also the rear passenger footpeg mounts. I found a local guy that can match the paint and do it for a good price. (I know Harley now sells the covers painted but they want a lot more than I can have them painted for.) My question is, does anyone see a problem with the swing arm being painted and clear coated rather that being powder coated? Do you think the swing arm would stand up from scratches, dings etc. or am I just going to waste my money?? I think the "mono paint" look would set it off from other bikes with black or chrome swing arms. Comments???

22nd November 2004, 18:42
you could always get the painter to do the inside of the swingarm that takes the brunt of the debris with something like chassis paint thats a bit more hard wearing but apart from that cant see any problems .

have painted a few and had no complaints so far

22nd November 2004, 20:17
Thanks, Gordy!

22nd November 2004, 20:56
I did mine that way five years ago with the exception of the bat. cover. I never had a problem with chipping so just do it. You will like it. If you want pics send me a pm with your email address and I will show you how it might look. I personally like all my accessories color matched to include struts, belt guard and everything else I could find. I also painted the inside of my pulley and hand controls.

22nd November 2004, 22:39
Been thinking about doing this also. My ride is silver and red and didn't know if I wanted to chrome or to paint. Lots of stones on these Texas roads, dropped from rock haulers.:eek: