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NRHS Sales
16th June 2006, 15:38
Just a reminder. We are having a little get together here in Colorado over thew 4th of July weekend. We are planning on doing a complete top-end rebuild demonstration one day. Then dyno runs for anybody who wants one as well as some guided tours through some of the best mountain twistie roads you will ever see. Plus we will even provide breakfast and dinner all for free!!

Just let me know if you plan to attend.

16th June 2006, 15:43
you guys should close down operations and setup shop on the east coast:banana . sorry, cant make it out to colorado:(

NRHS Sales
16th June 2006, 15:58
I do that and then all the west coasters will be complaining. We are kind of in the middle. Nobody is happy but nobody is offended either! ;)

16th June 2006, 16:03
I might show up, but right now it is a 50/50 thing. I never know what my schedule looks like until last minute, and that is a bit of a ride all the way there. I was going to go to Bert's gathering in cali also, but got a new job in that time that I had to give priority. Don't count me in yet, but don't count me out either.

16th June 2006, 16:12
Well, I will be there! Looking forward to it! Riding from Iowa, so I don't have to far to go. The wife is going to MI to visit a freind that weekend so that's cool. I did find one riding buddy to come out with me so I won't be too lonely on the ride.

17th June 2006, 03:48
you guys should close down operations and setup shop on the east coast:banana . sorry, cant make it out to colorado:(
beat me to it...:(

17th June 2006, 04:06
who needs salt flats and whatnot. we do speed trials on I-95. had sportster to 120 and mustang to 165(speedo indicated). screw colorado, we got atco raceway, maple grove raceway, cecil county raceway, raceway park. some of the fastest tracks in the country all in mid atlantic region, 3/4 at sea level

17th June 2006, 04:21
Is this an annual event? There's not enough time left for me to book the vacation time this year, but it could be a fun road trip for next year. Maybe we can get a bunch of us Easterners and all ride out in pack!

NRHS Sales
19th June 2006, 16:01
We are going to try to make this an annual event. But even if you can't make it out on the 4th feel free to dop by here anytime. Just let us know you are coming.

28th June 2006, 20:43

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Pop Clutch
2nd July 2006, 18:38
So what is on the agenda for July 3 & 4?
I thought I was going to be out of town,
but I am in Denver. Would like to join the fun
at least on the 3rd.


Jason's Sporty
2nd July 2006, 18:50
this winter you guys will be getting the heads and cylinders off my 86 to have a stage 2 1200 done to it. Ever have anyone drop off parts and hang out? Also do you guys need a another cnc operator? (PLEASE PLEASE!!)