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13th September 2008, 17:03
I think when its time for tires I want to put whitewalls on my bike. My bike is going to be repainted metallic orange with chrome everywhere else, and I think the whitewalls would give me a good look. It's an XL883. Anyway, who makes good quality whitewall tires?

Also related to tires, is replacing them someone with minimal mechanical knowledge can do, or should I just let the stealer do it?

13th September 2008, 17:17
Do it yourself~ is easier then i thought it would be

get three big C claps a set of tire spoons i got all of this at harbor frieght for like $30-40

deflate tire, put peice of 2x4 on one side of tire torads the outer edge of the rim.

put one C clap on in the middle until snug , put another on right side and tighten down snug, then repeat left side, then start cranking on all of them and the bead will break eventually, sounds like alot but once you get the hang of it it goes really fast.

flip rim over and repeat the process to break bead on other side.. get your tire spoons out and start to take the tire off the rim. one side-wall at a time i have my set of spoons and a buddys and it goes even better even a crow bar or somthign along those lines will work. and YES you will need a buddy....doing it by yourself is possible, but a PITA.. im prolly missing somthing but this should get you thru.

i wont pay $65 a tire at the stealer when now it takes me in all to change two tires maybe hour and half if that

note on the front tire make sure and take of the brake rotor its only 5 or 6 torx bolts, but he learned the lesson the hard way and bent his rotor when it was on the ground tryign to sue the spoons

13th September 2008, 17:25
I would hate to get a tire that needed balancing and still have to take it to the dealer after changing it myself. A friend changes his and never has a problem.

justin marois
13th September 2008, 22:28
Anyway, who makes good quality whitewall tires?

I have Bridgestone whitewall on mine and i'm satisfied.

21st September 2008, 19:39
I put white walls on my bike they look great