View Full Version : I bought the HD battery charger, but how do I get the battery out?

22nd November 2004, 23:50
Seems simple enough, but I'm having a tough time locating the negative terminal. What's the easiest way to remove the battery on an '05 1200c? Do I need to undo the ground lead from the frame so that I can slide the battery out?

I bought the HD battery charger that has the pig tail that attaches to the battery terminal, that I can leave assembled for easy charging access.


23rd November 2004, 00:02
Following found on page 1-16 2005 HD Sportster service manual:

1. Remove lelft side cover.
2. Remove maxi-fuse and holder from battery strap by grasping holder and sliding it toward the rear of the bike. Then remove Maxi-fuse holder from its mounting pin on the battery strap.
3. Remove battery strap screw and flat washer. Unhook batttery strap from battery tray mount on top of battery and remove strap.
4. Remove nut that secures negative battery cable to stud on crankcase boss behind starter motor assembly.
5. Lift up protective rubber boot covering battery positive terminal. Unthread screw from battery positive terminal and remove positive battery cables.
6. Remove battery from battery tray. Note routing of negative battery cable around frame downtube.

23rd November 2004, 00:14
i didnt bother removing the battery to connect my negative connection just bolted the lug to earth via the battery holder bracket or any other decent connection to earth on the framework etc works fine.

23rd November 2004, 01:03
With all due respect, i just love it when someone posts this question. It so much reminds me of my first few attempts at getting the battery out of my EVO. The sparks really fly if you try to do the +ve cable connection first; or if the nice chrome battery cover contacts the +ve connector.

23rd November 2004, 04:14
Since u have the pig tails, u should not have to remove the battery. Just hook up the pig-tail to the battery and plug that into ur charger.
I have a pig-tail on my battery and keep it plugged into my "battery tender" most times.
Good Luck...

24th November 2004, 16:00

On an '05, you have to remove the battery in order to connect the pigtail to the negative terminal. It's buried behind the frame and oil tank.

Just remember that the hold down strap in right on top of the battery, and the "hook" it connect with is only a few inched in (you won't remove it all the way to right side, just enough to open up the left side so you can slide it out).

It tool me a little bit to figure it out too, but once I grapsed it, it was only a 5 minute job.

24th November 2004, 16:54
I just used a really long screwdriver from the right side of the bike to remove the terminal screws and get my charger hooked up to the battery. Kinda tricky, I should have got my 7 year-old to do it, his hands are small enough!