View Full Version : TSN is p!$$!ng me off.

21st September 2008, 20:00
I can't watch the Cup race at Dover today.
TSN has golf on.
TSN2 is "off air".
And on TSN2, the broadcast is supposed to begin at 4 even if the green flag was around 2.
I would have to get the NASCAR package to see it.

I sent them this email today:

To:audiencerelations@tsn.ca; audiencerelations@tsn.ca


"For questions or comments about a particular program on TSN, please email TSN Audience Relations or call them at 416-332-7660."

What about the lack of a particular program?

Why is it that you and/or Bell have basically made NASCAR Cup racing a "pay per view" event.
Today, Sept 20th 2008, the race is not (again) being broadcasted on TSN. (Good thing you are the official broadcaster of NASCAR in Canada.)
Looking at your website, I see it is supposed to be on TSN2.
At 4PM.
I have 2 issues with that.
1st, the race doesn't start at 4. It started around 2.
2nd, TSN2 isn't even on the air on ExpressVu. It never was.

Are you trying to get me to buy the NASCAR Package?

I used to like TSN a lot but now, you are just a lousy ESPN wannabe channel.

I would like to sign this "letter" (that probably will just be deleted and forgotten about) with something like "sincerly yours" but that would be a lie.

Luke LaPierre
Ingersoll, Ontario

21st September 2008, 20:05
Quebeker, I don't have cable or sat just rabbit ears. When its not on ABC, they provide a video stream with no audio, so I find a MRN affiliate (mostly country stations) and stream their audio.

frozen hog
22nd September 2008, 23:40
man i only have 4 channels on my TV