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Nu Viking
2nd July 2006, 03:18
Rock on fellow Canuks and friends to the south. I sould be out riding today but I took the plates off the sportie to do a little work on it befor the winter teardown and paintjob. I went to pick up the old FLH from the shop where I had some work done over the winter and as the mechanic gets 3 blocks away from the shop on the test drive the throwout bearing on the clutch takes a dump. Well be riding by next weekend but anyways HAPPY CANADA DAY.

2nd July 2006, 03:31
Happy Canada Day and enjoy the FLH.

Moved On
2nd July 2006, 04:13
Happy Canada Day !!!


2nd July 2006, 04:25
:chtwo Happy Canada Day !

Nu Viking
2nd July 2006, 16:32
Well I saw fireworks at the local park last night, I suppose that qas cool but I was hoping to see them over the lake from the top where you enter teh valley going to the lake. Oh well next year. I think I am going to set up my workshop some more today. been very busy and cant ride till next weekend so I will have to make up for that.
Rock on Bjfoien, Gary and Queebeker. Quebeker What did you do with Canada day?