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6th July 2006, 14:55
My '05 1200XLC is in the shop for an electrical problem where the starter tries to engage once the bike is already started - and also starts with just the "run" button pressed. The service ticket writer said that they were backed up around two weeks and that electrical problems could take a bit longer since they are harder to diagnose.

Is this type of turnaround time normal for warranty or non-warranty work from the dealers? I realize that it's the season for riding and everybody's out there, but c'mon. What happens to the guy who doesn't have alternate transportation? (not me) We wouldn't put up with this slow service with our cars unless they were having major engine or body work. Is this as good as it gets?

Also, is it bad form/procedure to ask for your bike back and take it to another dealer if it hasn't been looked at in 3 or more days? This is my first ride and am learning the ropes here.

So I tell the ticket writer "damn, the bike has been riding and launching so good lately, that I was thinking of getting the Stage 1 done earlier than later." He replies, "we can do that too, better to have it done now while it's here." I'm thinking...YEAH RIGHT! Show me you can do the initial job in a timely fashion before I go plunking down bigger bucks on the Stage 1 (which with the helpful notes on XLF I should be able to do myself).

Suggestions on moving this problem along are appreciated. If this is how things work at Harley, then a welcome and "suck it up," are in order.


6th July 2006, 15:03
If you have other dealers in your area I would call and ask what the wait would be to have your problem looked at...2 weeks sounds like a long time even in the middle of riding season, but I don't know what your area is like either...just sounds like too long for me...it can't hurt to ask around at the other dealers...if they say that they can do it today or tomorrow then I'd definately go and get the bike back from the first dealer...it IS your bike after all and YOUR time lost riding while it's in the shop...

6th July 2006, 15:05
It has been a long time since I tried to make an appointment for any work on my Sporty but the last time I did I recall I had to wait a coupla weeks.

But this is also the way it is with other bike maufacturers dealerships also. There are just not as many bike mechanics as there are auto mechanics.

I say call the other dealer and see if they can get you in earlier, especially if they have not even looked the bike over. Whoever wants your money will take care of you.

6th July 2006, 15:09
I have a feeling that when you tell them you are taking it to another dealer, it will be worked on that day. Sometimes ya gotta let them know that they are working for you. Diplomatically, of course.

6th July 2006, 15:16
I would call Patriot HD (http://www.patriothd.com). and ask them if you can bring it in to be looked at/fixed. And what the timeframe is. Explain to them it is at east coast. It can't hurt. They might be able to get you in earlier.

On a side note....I hate dealing with east coast or even whitts.

6th July 2006, 15:33

I called Patriot HD and a service guy told me that their turnaround was 2.5 weeks. Looks like I'm fugged, but I will lightly tell East Coast that I'm considering taking it to Patriot since they are closer to me. I took it to East Coast cuz that's where I bought it - thinking it would help. Each time I've had to go to Dumfries with a trailer (pick up and last week), it was an absolute BEYOTCH - taking over 90 mins each time (both Saturdays).

I've been in a really foul mood since Saturday, especially missing that Skyline Drive ride.


6th July 2006, 16:03
There will be plenty of other rides.

6th July 2006, 17:01

The only time you should be really bummed over missing a ride is if some 'once in a lifetime' event happened on the ride. Nothing monumental happened last Sat, well unless you count my activating the security on Lily while fueling, and I haven't told anybody yet. :shhhh

If you call some of the really big dealers within say 50 miles of you, more or less, and check their wait times, you might find everybody is backed up several weeks. But you might get lucky. As an alternative, check with some of the Indy's to see if they can at least diagnose the problem. Then you might be able to do the work yourself, or maybe getting Andy to help out. Hell, maybe Andy might have an idea of what to check.

6th July 2006, 18:12
Always two weeks or more here in Richmond,VA. Especially for warranty on Sportsters. Too many people with deep pockets waiting on their stuff which costs much more or so it appears. Neighbor has new 1200L with 600 miles bought in June 06. Thing leaks oil everywhere there is chrome. Stealer told him three weeks for appointment. H-D warranty will pay dealer labor to fix and supply parts but they still do a lot better on maintenance. $200 oil changes for example. No body wants to work anymore. I can hear the mechanics complaining now! BOOO HOOOO!. Bought mine in Apr 04 and it leaked oil on start up. Dealer told me three weeks. I told dealer to give me my check back if that was the best they could do. Not the best situation but it was fixed in one hour. Screw H-D stealers and their mechanics. The bottom of the barrel around here!
Good luck!
Live to Ride!

6th July 2006, 20:09
Here in Peoria is no better. Called local dealer about 05 R model front brake problem and recall and they knew nothing about it. They had me fax the HD letter and information about the recall. They told me it would be at least 2 weeks for parts and another couple of weeks to get it fixed. Nice customer service.