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18th July 2006, 18:50
I'm starting to think ahead to the rainy season (it normally lasts about 10 months a year over here!), and I'm looking for a good quality set of rain pants to were while riding to work.They must be able to slip over my work jeans, and be adjustable at the end so I dont have to take my work-boots off to remove then.I'm also not the slimest (or tallest), so I'd need a big waist and a short to medium leg.I'd also like to have a braethable material, I dont need to be working up a sweat before I start work! Any Links or reviews?

18th July 2006, 18:53
Just don't wear pants if it's raining... :p

19th July 2006, 00:08
I use FirstGear overpants in the fall and winter (temperature below 55 degrees). Check newenough.com

19th July 2006, 00:19
check out these web sites for some raingear. My friend has the frogg togg (literally looks and feels like waxed paper and will melt instantly if it touches the pipes) and they worked great on the last trip with the exception of wear the zipper at the bottom of the pants were the rain went through.

The one I have is called nitro. It worked good. I didn't have my boots soaking wet like my friend did but they don't make these is short and wide sizes which is what I was looking for also. Only reason my boots stayed dry is because I had to fold the pant over my boot to make them straight and not make my legs look like the michilne mans legs with all the material all bundled up.
Here is the one I have:

here are 2 websites that talk about rain gear.

this one is better:


27th July 2006, 16:57
Well I've got a pair of the Nelson Rigg rain gear and pants and jacket work pretty good. I also have a pair of Joe Rocket Ballistic pants that are nice. The rain gear works better at keepig me dry but isn't very breathable. And the Joe Rocket pants are great but need to be tighter in the ankels. I've thought of using some velcro or elastice in the JR pants but havn't yet. The JR pants are good at just keeping the work clothes clean also.