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10th October 2008, 16:35
I've just completed two installs of these, including one on my own bike, so I thought I'd give a quick review of them.

N3 cams from Andrews for rubbermount 883s and 1200s are aimed at the street-rider. They don't aim to do what many cams do: push the max power higher at high revs at the expense of the useful low to mid rev ranges. The idea is to increase power across the whole range.

What do you get?
A cardboard box with four cams/gears. Thats going to cost you about $290+P&P.

I'd give a cam swap on a Sportster about a 7 out of 10 on the technical scale.

You do need to do a fair bit of dismantling (tank off, coil off, rocker boxes off, forward muffler and right footpeg off, cam cover off) but nothing that would really challenge anyone who's done this type of thing before.

Replacing the cams themselves is a five minute job. You just need to be absolutely sure to follow the instructions. Check and check again you have all the timing marks aligned. I think I might have got the 4-cam a tooth out the first time when it popped loose while fitting the cover. A loud head tapping on the first run meant I had to strip it down again; I didn't find anything wrong and after reassembly all was good.

Reassembly is time consuming but as long as you follow the manual and use fresh gaskets you should be fine. Sealing the rocker covers was the only major problem I had; had them off twice more before all the leaks stopped.

I wasn't expecting miracles. The W cams of my 1200R are very good and the N3s don't aim to give a big boost in any particular spot that would be very noticeable. However I would say that response is crisper, with a noticeable improvement to acceleration. I think that there is a bump in the power at about 4000 rpm, you can definately feel the bike pulling better at 80mph than before. I haven't had it over 100mph yet so can't comment on the max speed.

I don't have access to a dyno now to test so I can't give a definitive rating of the power but I would say that the aims of the cams are met, with an additional boost at about 4000 rpm.

Is this a worthwhile upgrade? Probably not. The W cams on the rubbermount 1200s are excellent road cams already. The N3s do add a little humph and if you are happy with that and can afford ~$300 then go dip your bread. If you want a racier bike with reduced low/mid range power but a power spike above 4000rpm then consider the N4s.


Hot Rod Sporty
10th October 2008, 16:50
Nice thorough review! Thanks, dude!:clap:clap:clap