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11th October 2008, 14:04
Wifey wants a roadking, thats fine but I'm not going to spend 20k on it for her to dump.....so I figure I'll spend 5-6k and if she drops her I'm still good.

Donor bike:
2000 1200xlh, 14k mi. laid down lightly, paid 2700 for it, It has at least a stage 1 upgrade in it, also might have a stage 2 because of a screamin eagle coil, havent dug into the motor yet because it runs and drives great.

In ma. we have to get a salvage title for the bike which means we have to "fix" everything on the ins. estimate. Not replace with new just fix if possible.

So first step is the title, went last week and got rejected,.... kinda figured I would because I didnt do shit to it:laugh:laugh.

So I prettied her up getting a new rim to lace up, cant use used parts.
Second pic.

I have collected:
hard bags, 09 rear fender and extension kit, front nacelle, 7" headlight to mount inside, pair of touring legs and axle, new 22.25 inch touring tubes, Had a triple tree, road king 2 piece seat, windshield, passing lights and bracket, side covers, Tank, and dash, dual discs. 150 tooth vrod belt, and some misc. stuff

Still need to acquire wheels, I'm going with SMW again for their pricing quality and made in America business strategy. Geting a 21x3.25 for the front and a 18x8.5 for the rear,...Actually swapping my set on my softail for the bagger and doing a 240 on it for the winter:smoke

And the big question of the the day is the rear pulley, should I go with the stock 61 tooth or goto a 65 for " touring"

Donor Bike, crashed salvage, mostly cosmetic, except for the front wheel
Almost ready for the salvage title inspection
Bagger frame for mock up and measurements for tube bending
This just shows an initial mock up of the wide glide with a street stalker nacelle on it

11th October 2008, 14:19
Some other comments,.... or plan of attack.

I'm going to stretch the swingarm 4 " in the rear, and widen it to accomadate a 200mm tire.

The total height from bottom of frame on the sporty and the bagger are just about the same, so I wont be dropping the seat.

The complete rear section of the bagger frame will be bent up an attached to the seat post and backbone.

This should allow plenty of room for the electrics and oil tank, shit I could probably fit a truck battery in that space.

Thinking about modifying the exaust int a 2-1 using the front pipes on the V&H.

I purchased a 09 streetglide fender and extension for harley, and will widen the rear of the frame a total of 1/2" to accommodate it. Lighting in the rear will be in the bags and in the extension. Found some super cool lights to install in the bags.

Using a softail tank with a "custom" harley dash... got it on the real cheap, Oh there will be alot of powdercoat on this also. The paint will be black and a emerald blue crazer from also. She picked it and I have to admit its sweet.

Also will be employing a batwing into the scheme of things that will use the detach setup for the windsheild. Painted to match of course.

The bike will also have a 21" on the front with a full fender on it.

The front touring legs will be smoothed before pc 'ing them

RK air shock will also go right on this.

The main theme is to use as much "factory" stuff to make most things "bolt" onto it. The main reason for the RK frame.

This should be fun:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolley es:

11th October 2008, 14:24
This SHOULD be fun!!! I would stay with the stock rear pulley and go up a tooth on the front pulley to drop the rpm about 250...:geek:geek:geek

You're gonna have lots of room on that frame with that engine...:banana:banana:banana

11th October 2008, 14:58
pretty interesting keep the pics coming

17th October 2008, 18:51
Jakazz--any updates???:geek:geek:geek

17th October 2008, 23:34
Just got my Police Salvage inspection today so its a verified "real" sportster......hehehehe... now I can cut it up. Had to buy a new rim and lace it up for this.


Pc'd the lower legs and put the tubes together. The nacelle is a Street Stalker setup, its ABS and will be a gloss black when painted. The windshield will have all the metal parts pc'd gloss black. And the Batwing will painted to match the paint. Which will be a two tone black/emerald blue crazer
I have found a place that sells hardware at a good cost and their website is easy to navigate and has chrome fasteners.

So I have decided to use "blackened" fasteners with brass accents on most of the Bike. Will also paint the cases black and try to find some powdercoat with a "Brass" look to it. Can you say Primary,Timing, and rocker covers in a "brass" look with matching fasteners around the bike:rolleyes:


Will pull the frt end off this wknd, and mock the nacelle up. Ordering the wheels Mon. Probably start the rear section this upcoming week.

Gonna try and get my swingarm jig built this wknd also

Heres some pc pics, and my restored....." inspected ride"




18th October 2008, 19:35
Todays work:
Started mocking up the frt end.

Start by stripping off the frt end of the sporty,.... again, wont bore you with those pics.

I'm using a nacelle off the street stalker HD kit, its for pre 99 softails which have a slightly smaller space between the tubes on the trees. I'm also using a softail triple tree, I think its off a standard. The lower trees do not have bosses to connect the nacelle to, so something will have to be done.

Most of the work and issues have already been thought of and "most" have a possible fix,... at least in my mind :laugh:laugh:laugh


A few issues would need to be resolved first is the headlight mount. The lite is off a fatboy and would not fit inside without modifications.


So i would have to make a block to fit and also shave the back off the housing attachment point. POINTYou can cut and even router aluminum, just use a slow feed rate and a sharp cutter, AND EYE PROTECTION This shit can get nasty if you catch it in the eye. Hearing protection for those of us not married.




Block will be shaved and smoothed later, drilled and tapped and ready to go.
Sweet, worked first try, I'm gonna like this build:D


Onto the the next problem, if you look at the triple trees you will notice the mounting holes in the nacelle arent lining up with the triple treeshit...

But I have an idea, cut a couple of pieces of 12 ga metal, bend them to fit the tubes and weld a nut on them. To hold them in place a couple of hose clamps on each.


Put the lite bar and passing lite on, checked to make sure windshield would clear. Had to trim windshield to fit. Checked a few positions of the Tank "old" fender, and bags.

Oh were def. talking beach bars on this one:clap


And a few mock up pics




Im 6 foot 230' ish the OL is 5'10 so this should be a good approximation of the cockpit area.


And my score on the dash




Didnt get a chance to start the swingarm jig yet gonna be riding tomorrow so nothing till mid week. The plan for the swingarm is a 4 inch extension and widen to accomadate a 200mm tire. Since this will be a bagger and may also go 2 up some times I'm going to run a tube around the bottom of the swingarm with a truss like setup, webbed back up to the original. It will bent out of 1.25 DOM and will be tig'd to it for support.

Something like this,....very rough


18th October 2008, 19:45
Oh yeah found my brass powder coat, a little pricey at 19.00 a pound, but shouldnt need a lot.



18th October 2008, 20:27
Excellent job so far, bro!!!

Really like the front end and tank dash...:geek:geek:geek
Thanks for the bolt site and Rosey's for the brass powder coat.:banana:banana:banana

20th October 2008, 20:23
So I didnt get much done today. The OL and kid are sick, so I have to attend to them between machining:p:p

Anyway I'm still waiting for my 1" x 1 1/2" stock to come for my swingarm. So I decided to start the web support bracket for strengthening the swingarm. Still need to cut and spread it also. Wanted to make a metal jig for more swingarms but that will have to wait. Its gonna be a wood jig again. So heres some pics.

My Mill, its a small Atlas, cost @ 700, and I had to purchase tooling, Its nice because its small, benchtop-ish. I wish I had the space for a Bridgeport. But beggars.....




Now the swingarm pics



Remember I'm going to stretch this 4" thats why the support extends past for now


I was initially going to angle these braces for a "web" effect which would def be stronger. But 2 much work:D

20th October 2008, 20:29
Great project. I have stuck the thread so it does not get lost. I look forward to seeing the finished project.

20th October 2008, 22:47
double post

20th October 2008, 23:03
Man that's Looking good I cant wait to see it finished !

21st October 2008, 15:46
Ok heres the dilly.

I'm figuring my width for my swingarm, I'm finding that the drive side with the 1 1/2" vrod belt is going to stick way out........Not that this surprises me. But the shock will be angled a little to far out for me.

So I'm thinking about going chain but am wondering about specifics.

I'll make my own offset sprocket, I'm thinking one from a 84-90 xl, unless there are others that are meatier. The rear sprocket can be machined to fit the 2000+ hub center, and if I have to machine the bolt pattern I'm not worried about that.

Snowman, when you did your v-rod thing what did you use?

Again for Snowman, when you were searching for your belt didnt you look at Gates Ag belts and if so did you find one that would work?

Any hardtail guys with a 4" stretch want to chime in? length of chain? My v-rod belt is 82" long and that would put me at 130+ links, not standard so more pricey.

Do they sell a 7/8" vrod belt?


Moved On / My Own Choice
21st October 2008, 15:56
HOLY CRAP - I never cease to be amazed by the abilities of true craftsman!

Can't wait to see the finished project!


21st October 2008, 16:45
HOLY CRAP - I never cease to be amazed by the abilities of true craftsman!

Can't wait to see the finished project!

Kev+1! :banana


21st October 2008, 19:20
Looks like a cool project, But I have to ask, have you checked your math?
Since your changing the wheelbase, have you checked it to make sure it will track and handle correctly?

More then turning, I worry about stability at speed.

21st October 2008, 19:36
I'm definately going to follow this one!

21st October 2008, 19:45
Ok heres the dilly.

I'm figuring my width for my swingarm, I'm finding that the drive side with the 1 1/2" vrod belt is going to stick way out........Not that this surprises me. But the shock will be angled a little to far out for me.

So I'm thinking about going chain but am wondering about specifics.

I'll make my own offset sprocket, I'm thinking one from a 84-90 xl, unless there are others that are meatier. The rear sprocket can be machined to fit the 2000+ hub center, and if I have to machine the bolt pattern I'm not worried about that.

Snowman, when you did your v-rod thing what did you use?

Again for Snowman, when you were searching for your belt didnt you look at Gates Ag belts and if so did you find one that would work?

Any hardtail guys with a 4" stretch want to chime in? length of chain? My v-rod belt is 82" long and that would put me at 130+ links, not standard so more pricey.
Do they sell a 7/8" vrod belt?

I used the stock 149T Vrod belt (1 1/8") on my stretch (4"). I also bought a 130 link 530 chain for the bobber off of eBay so they are not hard to find. I don't know if the newer Vrod has a smaller belt but it's worth checking into.
My experience with Gates didn't pan out.
That's why I went out 4" to use the Vrod part...:geek:geek:geek

21st October 2008, 20:21
Looks like a cool project, But I have to ask, have you checked your math?
Since your changing the wheelbase, have you checked it to make sure it will track and handle correctly?

More then turning, I worry about stability at speed.

It will have the same wheelbase as ur flh, and probably handle better because of the non-negative rake that the touring frame has. And wont need the rear swingarm "stabilizer" kits sold for the touring bikes either.

If you happened to notice I actually have a RK frame to measure off of, and when I put both the sporty and the bagger frame beside each other the only difference is the 4" in wheelbase. The bottom rail to top rail in the seat area is almost exact. And the rear section that I'm installing is only holding up the bags, 2-up rider and supporting the shocks.

Also if you look at a bagger frame its made with 1" dom not 1.25 like softails and sporties. Another advantage with the build. I believe with the weight loss the extra wheelbase and a solid mounted swingarm it should be agile like a Dyna, but not as agile as a sporty in the twisties. I have done alot of homework on this before diving into it.........well except for the chain thingy:frownone

21st October 2008, 20:51
This is pretty awesome!!!

We have some very talented folks on this forum!!

21st October 2008, 21:28
It will have the same wheelbase as ur flh, and probably handle better because of the non-negative rake that the touring frame has. And wont need the rear swingarm "stabilizer" kits sold for the touring bikes either.

If you happened to notice I actually have a RK frame to measure off of, and when I put both the sporty and the bagger frame beside each other the only difference is the 4" in wheelbase. The bottom rail to top rail in the seat area is almost exact. And the rear section that I'm installing is only holding up the bags, 2-up rider and supporting the shocks.

Also if you look at a bagger frame its made with 1" dom not 1.25 like softails and sporties. Another advantage with the build. I believe with the weight loss the extra wheelbase and a solid mounted swingarm it should be agile like a Dyna, but not as agile as a sporty in the twisties. I have done alot of homework on this before diving into it.........well except for the chain thingy:frownone

After reading this all along, I think you've done more than your homework and the bike will turn out great at the rate you are going. After I installed my widened swingarm, the strut spacing was out to 10"...:geek:geek:geek

When I centered the tire, there was plenty of room for the pulley and belt to clear the shock in a balanced location:

That is a 1 1/8" belt setup from the Vrod, using the 6.5" fatboy wheel and a 210mm Metzeler ME880 tire...:smoke

22nd October 2008, 21:50
So we are going with a chain on this, ordered the rear sprocket and chain, will wait for a mockup before deciding weather to build or buy a offset sprocket for the front.

Todays weather hasnt been good drizzly and cold. But that didnt stop me completely. Started bending the rear frame section up. Got all the parts bent, still gotta notch the other side in a couple places. Going to finish the fit up and then tack them all up.

The plan is to make the rear section complete, then attach it to the frame. I'm going to do this by adding braces tacked to the rear section making sure its all square. I need to get an idea of were the attachment point will be, I know I'm attaching directly to the backbone. Its the lower section that needs to be "adjusted":p:p

Didnt get to many pics, but this will give you an idea where we are going with this.





And one shot with the side cover in place, like I said before I want all factory parts to bolt onto this.


23rd October 2008, 18:50
So after the drizzle day I actually feel I got something productive accomplished. I finished the rear section, its all tacked up and ready to put on the sporty. Once on the sporty I'll align everything with squares and lasers. Finish fit all the tube. Then I need to mock up the mount for the electrics, fender supports, shock mount,...etc.... Heres some pics

You will notice the forward upper tubes are long and will be turned into the backbone of the bike.


The lower rails will connect to the 2 tubes coming off the rear motor mount....How? Haven t figured it out yet that's why I built the whole section first, I left enough tube at the bottom to turn it above the motor mount.




The new tail section is made of 1.25 dom, just like the frame on the sporty, you can really see the difference in the thickness between the frames. The new tail is 1/2" wider than the RK frame, that's to accommodate the 09 fender which is NEW this year, the new FLH's also have a better frame.....Prob 1.25 dom :p:p


The cross bracing is just spacers to keep the rails parallel, Once the tail is tacked onto the bike it will be squared and aligned with the backbone and the seat rails will be parallel with the lower frame rails. The key is measure, then measure, then measure again. Then most of the braces will be gone and replaces with 12 ga. panels to look like the RK frame.


Oh and I gotta say I'm really enjoying this build so far. No real complications so far.:shhhh:shhhh knock on dom tube:laugh

23rd October 2008, 23:21
The way this is going I can't wait to see the finished product!

24th October 2008, 03:07
Excellent work so far, bro!!!:banana:banana:banana

Take a look at Vulcan for the offset sprocket:

They've got this one with 1/4" offset out to 1 1/2"...:smoke


24th October 2008, 12:21
Thanx snowman, thats were I was going, they are just north of the border for me so its a 1 day ship. I'll start the striping of the rear section today.

I might just have to build a table for this though. And the fact I have to goto the Inlaws this saturday to do yardwork is gonna slow down the weekends work.

But.... hope to have the rear tail mounted by mid week, and my metal for the swingarm should be here monday.

24th October 2008, 12:41
Wow, I am totally impressed at the work you are doing. Even envious of your time, knowledge and ability. Keep the updates coming. I cannot wait to see how it looks when complete.

24th October 2008, 13:21
You are my hero! You are building your OWN frame and that is kickass! Good job and I too will be following this thread!

24th October 2008, 13:50
You are my hero! You are building your OWN frame and that is kickass! Good job and I too will be following this thread!

And he doesn't have to apply for a new VIN#!!!!!:banana:banana:banana

24th October 2008, 22:20
So its a little frosty here in the north east. But still didnt stop me from doing some work.

Yup thats frost, better get going a little faster

So I decided I needed a table to build this on so after contemplating for a while I decided to build one out of wood and just go for it. I have a crap load of scrap off the job sites and was actually thinking of building a lift table today, but decided that would be to much work and take to much time.


So I ran to HD and got 12 - 2x4's and a piece of 3/4 melamine for the top. I'm a carpenter so it only took about an hour to put it together. Getting the bike up onto it was another matter.

But alas shes up, rear wheel off and now its time to cut into her. Probably no work on this till monday though, family commitments.....

So heres some pics:



I have a couple of lasers so I'm using them and a few other devices to square and plumb everything together.



26th October 2008, 21:58
Ok so today I was able to get out of a commitment so I headed right for the bike.

Strip the rear section of all the goodies and sectioned off the rear frame. I made sure not to take to much of the frame off in case I needed it.


I then positioned the frame to align the seat height and the swingarm positions. The swingarm on an FLH is held in "pillow block" like bushings which are @ 2.25 off the "V" section at the bottom. This makes for a 6.25 distance from center of the sporty swingarm pivot to the "V". You can also see in this photo the intersecting planes I talk about later


I marked the center of my tail on all the cross braces, then elevated the "cross" laser up over the back bone to the center of the tree nut. Positioned the frame accordingly and set the seat height and relative position of the swingarm pivots. FLH - XLH.





Next on the agenda was to determine were to connect to the frame. It was actually simple in the fact that where the planes intersected would provide a stable connection. I initially tried to use a hole saw freehand but almost f--ked myself. So I ground it out to a decent profile and attached one of the cross braces already spacing the tubes parallel.




With it all hooked up and in the right position the swingarm and chain may have an issue. I had an idea that the V at the bottom would need to be "moved" and looking at the chain I should be ok with 2.375 off the backside of the pulley. The swingarm hits the frame so after I turn the bottom tube it should have enough clearance. Although I may have to snip the bottom of the side covers.



A quick mock up for the OL....ok and me too, its looking ok.


Another tid bit, I'm going to make a panel to infill between the seat post and the rear tail. It will enclose that area nicely and will make it real tidy

26th October 2008, 22:29
Excellent!!! Don't forget, since you have the lasers,

You Can Use the Force, Luke...


27th October 2008, 22:09
So today was focused on getting the "wishbone?" tied into the back bone.
Gotta tell ya what a bitch. Taking the rear section off the sporty wasn't any fun, was hoping not to take the motor out but have realized the need to.

First a little tidbit, the rear section where the seat connects isn't even welded to the back bone, the plates are connecting to the tubes. This is when I found the need to remove the motor.


With the first side removed I then proceeded to learn how to notch a tube without a Milling machine. Yikes what a bitch. But I got it ....eventually, and thats without f'in it up and having to bend a new one:p




Now it was time to try the other side, didn't take quite as long. Of course Its not completely finished still needs a little grinder action, but very close now. I will finish the bottom returns tomorrow and then start the swingarm.


28th October 2008, 02:12
Bookmarking now...great project. You are really quite a craftsman.

31st October 2008, 00:55
Update :

Had to purchase a 9/16" pulley spacer from vulcan works, should be here tommorow.

Finished fitting and turning the lower tubes. The Tail section is ready for finish welding.



The tubing bending and tube work is complete, To do this I spent about 100.00 on DOM tube 1.25 OD x .120 wall, I used about 30 feet total but about 1 stick = 22 ft worth in all for the tail section, the rest = some scrap and F'ups.





Did some machining and started the swingarm today, should have it finished and ready for final welding for Mon. The Milling Machine worked sweet for this, "this could as easily been done with a 3/4 bit in a drill press and then cleaned up afterward s" The bar stock slides right in with just a hair of coaxing. I'm also going to turn a piece to fit under the swingarm attaching the ends of the tubes.






The Bar stock and rectangle tube I got from online metals, they are a little expensive and I have to pay shipping, but it cost less than buying a whole stick. Sized= 1" x1.5"x .125 wall, rect. tube, and .75" x 1" bar stock. Grind the edges slightly and it fits right in.




The Plan of attack at this moment is to fit the swingarm, and check my pulley offset. Then I can pull the motor, and I'm gonna make a stand for that as well. I think I'll make it so I can run the engine on it.....:p. I'm gonna try to have the frame and swingarm welded and set by the end of the week. If all goes well should be starting the oil tank and electrical brackets at the end of the week. And possibly fitting the rear fender. Although this may be pushing it a bit:D:D:D

daggar rider
31st October 2008, 01:36
dude, all i can say is........YOU GOT SOME CRAZY SKILLS!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean seriously what a crazy cool build. i can't wait to see the whole mock up before ya paint her

3rd November 2008, 00:16
I'm really lovin' that lathe / mill piece you have.

Where can I get one???:geek:geek:geek

6th November 2008, 19:04
you have some serious skills...

The project looks like it is coming together beautifully.

Keep up the great work and the momentum on the build.

I cant wait to see the finished project.

As a side note..maybe you just came up with the,
"other" weld-on tail section for Sportsters...
it's gotta be cheaper than dropping $35K on a new bagger...

Keep going man! and keep choppin! :clap:clap

7th November 2008, 00:44

Where did you get the lathe/mill?:geek:geek:geek

8th November 2008, 01:09
I got the lathe a atlas 12x 24, and the atlas mf off of egay, with a local pickup, The mill was if I remember 800+, and the lathe was 600+. Both worked good and havent had any issues with them, the tooling is what gets you.

heres a lathe like mine in really nice shape:

heres the same mill as mine,....but its beat to shit:
http://cgi.ebay.com/Atlas-horizontal-mill_W0QQitemZ140279314133QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_De faultDomain_0?hash=item140279314133&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1205|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A13 18

You really have to look around for these, craiglist is also a really good place to check, I use craigshelper to search multiple citys and states at once, it works really good.


8th November 2008, 01:18
Been busy really havent got anything done on the bike but I did do some stuff

Heres the shock bungs machined on the lathe, it will be cut in have and the frame will be through drilled and these will be installed and welded.

And some mock ups ....again:D The OL loves these




And the Money shot:banana:banana:banana:banana


Full side view.....still waiting on the front rim


8th November 2008, 01:34
Been busy really havent got anything done on the bike but I did do some stuff

Heres the shock bungs machined on the lathe, it will be cut in have and the frame will be through drilled and these will be installed and welded.

And some mock ups ....again:D The OL loves these




And the Money shot:banana:banana:banana:banana


Full side view.....still waiting on the front rim


Looking good so far Keep at it !

10th November 2008, 22:26
Thanks for the tip on Craigslist. I'll take a list at the local supply and see what's available.

Really like the details on the bike:

26th November 2008, 13:27
Been pretty shitty weather up here in Ma. so I had to close in my "shop", or what the OL says is my F'in mess.....:smoke

So what has happened in the last 2 weeks is the motor is out and I have had a couple of issues.

The first is where my chain would be at full suspension compression from horizontal. It seemed that the chain would make contact with the horizontal crossmember. So a redesign was in order.

If you look at the drawing you can see the red arrows pointing to the front and rear sprockets, showing a full compression of @5.75" from horizontal. well with the side cover bottom rail which would make contact with the swingarm at 4" (as built now). The fix to that is a new bottom rail that turns into the "seatpost" area of the backbone, and is raised another inch. The redesign of the rear frame section is for my next project, The OL says after I get her riding I can get another toy....."A bike....no spinners....:angryDAMN".

The fix wont be quite as pretty, a couple of sections welded in. I also noticed with the full radius under swingarm support the front of it also may contact the chain on full compression. So the support under the swingarm may very well disapear, or be replaced with something else.........:shhhh .




A couple other thought have been playing out in my head. I picked up a couple monoshocks off e-gay and have been playing around with the idea of using it with this setup. Witth the new redesign its possible to get the shock into the space directly behind the seatpost. I would be using the linkage setup off a 08 zx14r kawi. I have already setup the linkage to work with the new redesign, and should get a full 7" of vertical travel out of the rear suspension. (Not that I would ever use that much)


Now a couple pics of my enclosed ziploc shop, its still cold but at least the wind isnt cutting through me....:banana:banana:banadanc:banadanc:doh:doh:doh



Oh and a happy dead turkey day to all.............

26th November 2008, 14:08
You are the man!!!

First the enclose working patio, now your going to a monoshock...:geek:geek:geek

Happy holiday to you and the family!!!

26th November 2008, 14:34
Very nice work !!!

26th November 2008, 18:09

do you think over 5 inches of travel on that swingarm is going to be possible?
I dont think your shocks would even have that much travel..

Or do I just not understand the interferance issue?

I would think you would have bigger issues than the chain hitting the frame if your swing arm went full travel on you.

Check the shocks you were originally going to use, I would bet the travel is significantly less. other wise maybe you can stiffen the ride without making it too rough...

just my $.02 but I think you already had it figured out to start...
Keep up the good work!

26th November 2008, 21:15
Choady- The original design showed @ 4" of travel before the swingarm contacted the side panel lower tubes. Here:

If the yellow arrow is the 4" extended swingarm, I would get 4" of vertical travel at the wheel when it would contact the rail (red arrow). I was thinking that 3" would be sufficient travel but wanted to be safe and raise that area anyway. With the new design I can achieve up to 7" of rear travel and will also be able to adjust the "fulcrum" of the shock linkage to get full travel out of the monoshock, weather its with a 7" or 4" rear wheel travel. The adjustability of the monoshock for ride height, rebound and compression, outweighs any consideration of more design work.

PS its coming into winter so I also have time to change things....:D


So onto the cutting and chopping again. Had to cut the fully welded frame apart,....arghhh:censor:censor. but all is well, went back together well and just need to do the other side. I still need to !!! with the swingarm but that bridge will be crossed after I get the frame back together.....AGAIN>>>>>


Notice the "High Tech" wooden frame jig holding the tubing level




1st December 2008, 01:56
7 inches of vertical travel on the rear wheel?
Ouch, my back hurts just thinking about that...
But my opinion dont mean crap...:laugh:laugh:laugh

Keep up the great work and keep posting picts..
Scooter is lookin real good so far!

1st December 2008, 02:03
7 inches of vertical travel on the rear wheel?
Ouch, my back hurts just thinking about that...
But my opinion dont mean crap...:laugh:laugh:laugh

Keep up the great work and keep posting pics..
Scooter is lookin real good so far!

I'm with you on not needing 7" of travel, but this build is just getting to be a blast to watch come together.

I really like the monoshock concept for flexibility and adjustability...:geek:geek:geek

1st December 2008, 02:22
I don't know about the rest of you but I am impressed. What a crazy set of tools to have outside. With that much hardware you could have build a really nice metal shed to do all this work. Your whole project impresses the hell out of me.

Screw Loose Dan
1st December 2008, 04:16
I agree this build is just absolutely a blast to follow along! I really appreciate you taking the time to document as you go.

(And I would suggest that everyone following this thread spread a little reputation to Jakazz for taking the time to document this)

11th December 2008, 21:26
definitely a sweet build thanks for shearing it

11th December 2008, 21:57
Any updates Jak???:geek:geek:geek

12th December 2008, 02:15
Been super busy with family shit.....She would rather see me hanging lites on the house than grinding and welding.

BUT..... I just picked up a bandsaw that I'm converting to metal cutting, getting sik of grinding off the torch slag and running through grinding discs....

Also designed another tail for the next project that will use a mono shock and softail seating, and will drop the neck 2" and be fabing a set of trees for using a set of inverted forks off a busa, or something....

Prob no real work or pics till after the holidays though....

Some of you guys will love/ hate this though.... went to a machinery auction the other day and the prices on some sweet machine were so low I almost cried.....2 bridgeports, vari speed, barely used still looked like the cosmoline had just been removed....400.00 each. 4 others under 800.00, lathes gear headed and a few old irons....not one over 700.00............

Oh the humanity....If I only had my shop built already........I paid more for my lathe and mill than I could have gotten 2 sweet setups...Arrgghhhh

Just figured I would rant...still kicking myself..

25th December 2008, 21:51
If I don't use any of this for my bike ,it still gives me the encouragement to just take stuff apart and change it.
It will be fine in the end.

As far as your bike? Very cool:bananaYou are quite a craftsman!
And you can use a computer too!!:geek

2nd January 2009, 23:42
Wow...This is gonna be a great bike! Thanks for posting!

7th January 2009, 15:05
So I have been !!!!ing with the mono shock yesterday and will again try today, as you can see in the pics The motor mount bolt is screwin with me so I have only certain angles to use to get full use out of the shock......argghhhh....

So if I cant figure it today then I'm going back to the road king shocks....good thing I didnt cut those bosses off..:p

The frame is all set, just need to pull it down and give a final weld to all the tubing. Then gussets will be put on and motor put back in.got both my offset sprockets, one for my 240mm and one for the 200mm. Yeah I'm gathering parts for my next project, hehehe:smoke:smoke

So no more delay heres some pics:

So you can see here my backing plate for my lower mount for the shock, the bolt under the lever eye is where the motor mount bolt goes, its tapped to check everything before its drilled out

Here you can see the amount of space I have to get the mount built and sized for the amount of load on it, If the location works today then I will fabricate the mount to fit in here, the issue is how tight it is up to the swingarm, only about .25" from it.





Upper mount built,



Ooooohhhh 240mm offset.....:banadanc

OK frame repair is complete and ready to go forward.


Oh and I hope santa brought everyone good stuff for their bikes.....

7th January 2009, 21:14
So I have made a corporate decision,....no monoshock on this build. Dont feel I have the time to machine a new lever and get all my balls in a row on this one. Only @ 12 weeks till I can ride again and this project will end up on the back burner so gotta get "r" done......:p

So first was to actually put shock mounts onto the swingarm, pretty simple, added a few holes for adjustment. Then It was time to throw the motor back in and check for clearance issues and sprocket alignment. BINGO... allls good. Set the size of the gussets and cut them out, this is really the easy stuff. Cut my axle on the lathe and found a supplier of 3/4" Flanged grade 8 nuts for the end of the axle. These guys are close by so order today get tomorow for me.


Sized it and cut it started to weld it up but ran out of wire, I'll throw another spool on tomorow, Its time for a beer.:clap:clap

So tommorow I'll pull the motor, finish welding the tubing, weld the gussets in and start fitting up the bodywork, I still need to finish a couple of tools, powdercoating oven, shes big 30Hx30Wx60H, using my old oven for the burners. Also need to make a bench buffer, probably 2 actually so I will have 4 buff's on the arbors. I still need to buff the covers and other parts that wont fit in small oven. The base for the brass PC needs to be super shiny so I'll get the reflections through the candy brass color. But all in all been a productive day, especially where I was fighting the mono shock all day yesterday and part of this morning.:censor

I made some shock mounts for the swingarm, these are still rough will round the back end of them for aesthetics.



I threw the motor back in to check the clearance with the chain sprocket combo, this would be with 4" above horizontal, which the RK shocks wont allow anyway....Soooooo.. plenty of room:banana




Started cutting up my gussets for the backbone and the seat area. You can easily use a jigsaw to do this just use a good blade, not to fine, and slo the speed down, cuts sweet. This is also how I cut fenders.



7th January 2009, 22:16
How close is your chain to the swingarm, on top, that is?
it looks too close.
the chain is going to bounce up and down as you ride.

I hope you have about 1 1/2 inches...

I found out the hard way and had to retrim my rear fender :(
after it was painted...
I hope you dont have the same problem...

7th January 2009, 22:26
Nice update!!! Sorry about the mono shock though...:geek:geek:geek

Is it just me or is the blade in upside down in that jigsaw???:smoke

7th January 2009, 22:27
First time I'm seeing this thread, and I must say, IMPRESSIVE!! Great project, can't wait to see it all completed!

7th January 2009, 23:19
Love the build but I cant help notice the candy Tangerine scoot in the background. How bout sending me some pics of the paint. I did the candy tangerine and marblized look also!

8th January 2009, 00:30
First I have seen this also. Your doing great! I do have a couple of questions though. I haven't seen a tubing bender in any of your pics. What are you using? How did you bend the lower tubes after you had them all tacked in place on the frame? Ok, maybe three questions, Do you plan to cap or maybe slug the rear tubes of the swingarm where you tighten the axle bolt so you dont squeeze the tubing? Thanks Mark

8th January 2009, 01:58
marksfatboy First I have seen this also. Your doing great! I do have a couple of questions though. I haven't seen a tubing bender in any of your pics. What are you using? How did you bend the lower tubes after you had them all tacked in place on the frame? Ok, maybe three questions, Do you plan to cap or maybe slug the rear tubes of the swingarm where you tighten the axle bolt so you dont squeeze the tubing? Thanks Mark

Made a tubing bender, kinda compilation of blind chiken racing's, mechworks, and a few others that are out there. Its ugly but its gotta 20 ton air/hydraulic jack, a pro-tools die, and free metal off the jobsite. cost about 250 total. Heres an ugly pic of it.


The tubing you asked about was just marked un-tacked, then bent and re-attached. If you look I had to redo the complete lower section of the seat area to accommodate my chain and swingarm. A minor but time consuming f-up.

On the end of the swingarm the adjusters go into there just as stock. Although I have been working through in my solidworks a swingarm that incorporates the same principles as gsxr, zx, swingarm axle positioning.
The swingarm that is on there now is temporary as I'm going to change it out for a newer style that has a taller cross section like this:


With the taller cross section it shouldn't need added support for a monoshock and will be the swingarm I will use for any other wide tire setups,
for now.....until I figure something different.

jarhead08 Love the build but I cant help notice the candy Tangerine scoot in the background. How bout sending me some pics of the paint. I did the candy tangerine and marblized look also!

Heres a couple: Snowman did some red over black I believe you would have to search for it.




OK ALREADY I KNOW>>>>to many softail pics on the sportster forum...My bad:frownthre:frownthre:frownthre

8th January 2009, 03:19
Sweet paint. I thought it looked that way from the frost ! I have looked around at Blind Chicken Racing from back in my Dune Buggy days. Doin good, Keep up the good work. Mark

8th January 2009, 19:25
So another forward motion day. Took the motor out again and started the welding. got all the gussets installed everything is welded and ready to go. I will still need to ad tabs here and there, but for the most part the major welding is complete. If you remember the odd shaped gussets and were wondering what they were for pics will show you. By the way all the gussets are made out of 12 ga. sheet, these are for structural soundness. Got all the way to wrapping the front of the seat area with cardboard for the "space" infill. dont really know what to call it. I checked the clearance for it this morning with the motor in, it works. Got to get some lighter ga. sheet for this, there is no way I'm going to bend 12 ga. for this.

Next I'll fit the rear fender back on and get the tabs ready for it. I'm also using ABS under the seat area for my electrics and battery, will also fit this tomorrow.

Well here are the pics:

Motors out and ready to weld

Forward gussets installed, these hold the side covers on and act as a structural member


Backbone gusset, its the funny shaped thing from yesterday. tacked the lower section, then heated it with a mapp torch, really didnt want to use the O/A torch becuase I didnt want that much heat on it.



Heated the one area then proceeded to bash the shit out of it to mold it to the backbone and seat rails




Almost there :censor:censor had to get a bigger hammer



Ok now that I have it to shape I need to trim it to fit @ middle of the tube


Used a sharpie to get close


Final finish, good to go


Fits like a glove, actually impressed myself, it was quite easy:banana:banana




I then put the last gusset in and finished welding, I then took some cardboard and fitted the front of the seat area




And thats all for today folks.......:clap:clap

8th January 2009, 20:13
Every time I look at your updates I am impressed. Looks really good.

9th January 2009, 01:04
this is way better than O C C but i do miss mikey:laugh:laugh:laugh. great skills great job:smoke

back again
10th January 2009, 01:05
nice work Jakazz. You have some good fab skills.Bike should be outstanding.

10th January 2009, 01:40
I'm impressed. Just curious, what is your vacation? Your frame is beautiful and I wish I had the skills and the know-how to do something like this project. Wow.

10th January 2009, 01:56
rottenralph I'm impressed. Just curious, what is your vacation? Your frame is beautiful and I wish I had the skills and the know-how to do something like this project. Wow.

You mean Vocation,..right? I'm a Carpenter by trade, But have done all phases of the construction trade in the last 27 years. From running machines, digging ditches, to flying steel.

Oh I didnt get to many pics in today but here are a few. Got the front on went very smoothly, I'll get better pics tomorrow. Started on the ABS, and the pattern for the oil tank.




10th January 2009, 02:28
Damn, Jak. I just love this thread!!!!:banana:banana:banana

The paint is Alsa Killer Kans and I did red & tangerine over black::smoke


10th January 2009, 19:44
Ok, todays good time was spent mocking up the oil tank, basically I made a frame work of .25" rod then skinned it with a paper pattern. Will need to machine a mounting boss for the lines so the will exit under the tank at a 90 deg.

So this is a better shot of the front of the electrical area.

So I started with the skeleton of quarter rod to get the basic shape/outline of the tank

This is what I ended up with, it will have enough space around the sides. The space at the top will be for wiring to come off the backbone. And it will sit 1.25" off the ABS bottom for the oils lines to route.


Then all there is to do is make some paper patterns for the skin and bend them on the frame to fit...Pretty simple really


You can also see the trace of the bottom of the tank. The bottom will be out of 12 ga. and the sides and top will be 16ga. the battery tray will also be made from the 12ga. and be inset like a softail and will actually drop under the base by about an inch


The top



10th January 2009, 19:55

I think I asked before but we are TIG welding here, right?:geek:geek:geek

10th January 2009, 20:13
Pretty impressive skills Its coming together

10th January 2009, 20:53
bike is really coming together nice. i decided to go with the four inch stretch in my swingarm too. since you done the math already. i am not sure how long the rear mounts will last sice my swingarm appears to mount to the motor directly through them. but i am going to give it a shot . i am not a wheel stander anyway. thank's for the link to your thread. it's great to see a craftsman at work:smoke

11th January 2009, 01:02
why was i not following this thread already?

amazing work man, keep it up

12th January 2009, 09:10
WOW that'a bike building!!! I can't wait for finall pictures! Wonder how it will go down the road. How stable it will be and so on.

18th January 2009, 01:27
Not much doin on the bike waiting for some parts for the oil bag to come in. Getting some barbed hose fitting from Mcmaster-Carr, once those come in I'll drill out a block with 90 deg holes and mill it to fit in the bottom panel of the tank. Just waiting.....plus the OL wants some things done around the house because we may be getting another baby soon......:doh. More on that at a later date.

Did some stuff for another bike today, These are pics of some softail forward controls being modified for a sportster. The first few pics are me teaching a buddy of mine how to cut 3/8" plate for the backplate of the forwards with a sawzall. I cant take credit for this technique because I got it from Gary over on Chopper handbook, I have learned alot from those guys. Now the basic technique is to remeber to have 4-6 teeth in the work at all times, and slow the speed down, basic metal cutting. We did both back plates for the forwards in about 30 mins, then sanded them down on the belt sander. We then cut the kickstand/ jiffy.... off because he said it wouldnt clear the engine in his application. When we did this it was like cutting 1 1/2" solid stock. It went through but I was sitting for the whole time.

So here are the pics, Oh and it was in the teens in the shop:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

My butt ugly bastard friend Ron cutting 3/8" plate, albiet he did bring cigars with him to his credit:smoke


3/8" cold rolled plate, 8-10 tooth per inch blade, and some wd-40 for gogo juice


The forward controls being diced up



Wacked off


Cleaned up and ready to mock up on bike


18th January 2009, 01:34
"because we may be getting another baby soon......"

I think you just gave yourself a deadline! :laugh:laugh:laugh
Getter done!

Congradulations too! :clap:clap:clap

30th January 2009, 13:54
How the hell did I miss this thread!!!???? :doh
Sweet build, and nice write up.
Can't wait to this one play out.

14th February 2009, 03:52
Come on Jak!
We are waiting to see and hear what you have done lately.

14th February 2009, 14:02
Havent done much lately except for the OL, getting ready for Child Services to inspect the house.......heres the short story...My wife's whore sister who has already lost 2 kids via child services, had another just this past year, she 5 months old and we may be adopting her. The whore got popped a couple months ago for meth, coke, and pot possesion with intent, and a firearms charge. The courts are involved and so far she hasnt past a single drug test. Nice way to bring up a child, BITCH..........So basically we are getting ready to get the child from child services in Tenn. I'm getting my ass chewed for not getting all my ducks lined up correctly, so if I do anything other than household stuff, then its not a happy house :frownthre.... if you know what I mean.:(

Hopefully this upcoming week I will get some lee way and have most of the week to work on the bike. I did pick up a set of 09 street glide wheels real cheap. So we are going to use them on the bike. I have to send them out for a touch of machining that wont fit on my machines but it should work out well. The 09's are set up with a "cush" drive system , basically a big rubber bushing in-between the pulley and the wheel. I didnt realize this until after I bought the rims. Cut most of the cush off and will have the machine shop flatten the area out. Got some 6061 stock coming to make an adapter plate for it, should be here mon or tue. I'm contemplating moving the bearing support outward and using the existing bearing support within the wheel to register the adapter I'm going to make. Here are some pics of what I'm talking about.

I'll swap out the bearings for a set of 3/4 for the rear and just turn the front axle down to 25mm for the front. These are dealer take offs are are really brand new. Ordered the rubber for them and they should be in end or beginning of next week. 200mm rear and 130mm front.




I used a sawzall to cut most of the cush drive off, that will save some on the cost to flatten it at the shop



You can see the Vulcan adapter to show the difference in size here, I'm using a 8" piece and will turn it down to shape it to work with the contours of the wheel.


Front wheel


14th February 2009, 14:22
This is gonna be some ride when you're done!!!:banana:banana:banana

14th February 2009, 14:47
I never before seen this thread and just spent the last half hour or so reading and looking at all the pics.. Man THis is a sweet build and has given me some encouragement to get a shop in order when I finally get a house.. :)

I've already bookmarked this build. Sweet isn't enough of a word to describe it.

Fantastic is closer to how I feel. !

Great job and like other's I am looking forward to seeing it finished.

BTW. what software are you using to do your drawings ??

14th February 2009, 15:56
solidworks and autocad

16th February 2009, 00:48
Keep up the good work Jak!

In the home front and on the bike!

We all have had our rough times during our builds
(maybe not as tough as yours) but, I am sure
I speak for others when I say, you are doing a fantastic job.

Those wheels look like they are gonna keep you busy for a while too.
Looks like you will be doing a lot of machining on them too.

Good luck man and Keep the Faith!

17th February 2009, 21:08
So I'm back at it .....feels good:D

Ok so I skinned the front of the oil bag, used the OA torch to get it to bend seeing I dont have a slip roll. Worked out pretty good,. Welded the interior and then the exterior. I figure with a good weld beed on both faces should really eliminate any poss of a leak. I hope. Did some machining on the feed block for the oil bag and pretty much finished that also. Thought I would have to buy a 1/4" npt tap but remembered I had some a few years back. Dug them up and voila:banana the exact size I needed. Tap the block and checked fitment of my brass bungs, works . The proceeded to make the bottom of the tank out of 12 ga. steel and installed the block. Tacked it to it and fitted the return and vent tubes. Alls' well.

Cut up some more 12 ga for the battery box, I'm using some 1/8" rubber off e-gay for padding around the battery so I made sure I had the proper spacing. The box will actually insert some int the tank for clearance of the rear wheel, so I couldn't finish the tank just yet. I still have to machine a block for the magnetic drain plug. and install that.

I Fitted a new piece of 1/4" abs under the tank area for a mud guard and to check fitment of everything. Pulled the frame back out of the house and will start putting the engine and drive line together. Need to have a "tunnel" for the chain through the edge of the ABS and also set my brackets for electrics and the Tank mount.

Also have all the stock for the next swingarm that will be going into this, will use the old one for now till I can get a work stopage for parts or something then I'll throw it together.

So heres the Pics





The 90 deg oil block


Return tube, vent and feed at the bottom


You cant really see it but the battery sits flush with the bottom of the feed block under the oil tank


I figure the battery will slide into the oil tank @ 1-1.5"


Back in the bike for fitment check, you can also see the piece of ABS that will keep everything clean on the underside.



All set to throw the motor back in and check all the alignment again.


Pic of the rubber padding


17th February 2009, 21:51
I love watching this build!!!
Fab work is first rate...:banana:banana:banana

18th February 2009, 21:40
So didnt seem like I got as much as I would have like done today....does it ever :p

Got the motor in the triple trees on and started to check the wiring out. Basically looking to figure where its gonna run. I did get my wheel back from the machine shop. They did a great job and I will start turning the adapter tomorrow. I knocked the bearings out and will use the drive side bearing pocket as a register for my adapter. You can see the 2" x8" 6061 block I will be machining it out of. My new drive bearing will be installed into the adapter so it will be a little outboard from the stock location.



Wheel before:



Wheel after machining, I just wanted a flat surface to ride the adapter on so perfection wasn't necessary, It will leave me with @ 1/2" of meat to bolt the adapter into.




18th February 2009, 23:32
fantastic. I gotta say, I be jealous

27th February 2009, 19:56
So I been having an issue with the motor on my lathe.....3 motors later I'm up and going. Today I finished up the "basic" turning of the adapter. Still need to set it up on the rotary table and drill and tap it. After I get that done I can mount the tire and check for the offset and finish the adapter. Need to final cleanup on it and turn it down some to smooth out the transition from wheel to adapter.

I'm going to mount the bearing into the adapter so I need to cut a new crush tube for the inside of the wheel. I need to get this wheel done so I can finish the oil tank with the inset battery box. Then things should move along a little quicker.

This is the back side of the adapter, the shoulder will register into the existing bearing support


This is the outboard side and has a register for the sprocket, and the same initial dia. as a vulcan adapter. Still need to bore out the bearing pocket. Yes that is a 1 1/2" drill bit making chips:p



Still need to drill and tap it to bolt onto the wheel



27th February 2009, 20:02
Dam It looks good.. STILL !!!..

Always like to see someone MAKE something in lieu of buying one.

27th February 2009, 20:33
Looks good! Was that stock not round to begin with? How long did it take you to do the machining on it?


27th February 2009, 20:55
Man you do great work ! lots of Hours in that bike !

27th February 2009, 20:55
8" x 2" flat stock 6061, outer finished dia @ 6.875. Yeah it took awhile especially with the original 40 year old 1/2 hp motor. Thats gone now, died a horrible death.:censor

Of course it did fair better than a 2hp dc variable speed motor that went up in smoke #2,:madtwo

And then the 1 hp just didnt want to do the work #3, :angry :headbang

But finally grabbed my 1 1/2 hp buffer motor and used that and she made chips like a crack whore smokes the glass cock.:banana:clap:drinkup

Probably a total of 6-8 hrs, but most of that was messing with the motor stalls and tripping. Oh and me cursing.....

1st March 2009, 16:52
Damn nice work! Even with all the hardships, it's still gotta be fun fabbing your own goodies!

1st March 2009, 17:52
I accidently stumbled upon this thread and am I glad I found it !
That is some amazing craftmanship on display.
I applaud you for taking that challenge on, and sharing it with us here.

Wish you all the best and what a ride it will be :clap

13th March 2009, 19:18
How about it jak...
can you post an update?
I know you are busier than heck but we are anxiously awaiting that next pict of the build.

13th March 2009, 20:42
Thanx choady

So that rear wheel really kicked my ass, mainly because I didnt want to !!! it up. So it took extra time to get it where I wanted it. Its mostly done, mostly for mockup and shake out. Then Ill smooth it out and give her a real good polish on the adapter. As for moving the bearing outboard in the adapter all went well...actually that was the easy part.

So the moment I got the wheel "mountable" I threw the tire on it and set it into the frame for alignment and to get final size of the offset needed on the adapter. Then take everything back apart and do the final cut on the lathe. Some would say just take some measurements and go from there.....Done that and !!!'d it also... So now its mockup, tear down, mockup again, rinse and repeat...:smoke

So It got all together, so I was able to get the final position of the oil bag and battery, I actually did the whole batttery thing today, and sprayed the oil tank with some primer that was sitting around. I got the filler bung from "bung king" for the price and the finish ....."priceless".

Also got my new 20 1/4" fork tubes finally, they havent had them in stock for ages. Was actually planning on sending out my other tubes to get them cut. That would have cost me more than a complete set from BKRider....--egay-- vendor. Installed those......all of about 15 mins to do and threw them on the front end and finally got the axle threw the wheel and it sits at exactly the height I was looking for.

Still need to mount the oil tank but thats just a little issue, I have my wire coming for my batttery cables first of the week. And will be working on molding the ABS panels for the electrical and the splash guard, I've got a neat "IDEA" in my head for the "mold" for the splash guard....more to come on that :p

Oh and huge brain fart cut my chain ....F'nnn short god damn it.....:censor
So I was gonna just order a new one but since I'm only a 1/4-3/8" short I'm just gonna mill the slots in the swingarm another 1/2" inch.

So heres something for all you picture whores......:banana
So heres the wheel all set, sorry I didnt take a pic with it in, it actually looked like that poster of the new glide frames at the steelership









ALL RIGHT Very happy at this point, things seemed to be dragging out there for a while without "much" getting accomplished. felling good.....time for a beer

13th March 2009, 20:59
Looking good !

13th March 2009, 22:13
Things always seem to drag in the middle of a project..
Just keep going. Keep up the momentum. it's very important.
Even if you are just sanding or drilling one hole, it's still progress.
Before you know it the build is complete!

Build is looking really good, keep up the great work...
and have another beer on me while your at it.
You certainly deserve it! Cheers!

13th March 2009, 22:19
That front end looks great!!!

14th March 2009, 10:05
i can't remember, did you custom fab that oil tank? i'm assuming you did since you've cut and chopped everything else on the bike

very well done if you did.

project is coming along nicely, keep up the great work

14th March 2009, 21:18
wow! nice! :)

14th March 2009, 22:09
Looks good

15th March 2009, 00:38
Your project is really amazing! I can't wait to see the final result!

18th March 2009, 13:43
So its coming along, had a pretty productive day yesterday. Mounted the oil bag, set the electricals, made new battery cables, was going to start the oil lines but have an issue :censor, its a little tight under there and I think I need some offset fittings and swivels to make it work. Maybe making a manifold under there wasnt exactly the best idea I had. If the 45 deg swivel connectors dont work I may have to mill the block down and tap the vertical passages for 90 deg swivels and then add the barbed fittings. Two steps forward and one back....hey its bike building....plus I just renewed the softail so I be riding this weekend anyway:banana.

So when I mounted the oil bag I used some thick grommets between the mounting points for a little cushion, I really dont think it needs a ton of vibration dampening so it should be fine.

I'm using the stock elctrical "packaging" cut down and glued with ABS cement to some...ABS... no doubt., and it will all sit on the left side of the bike under the side panel. The right side I'm gonna make a little box for a small tool kit that will be under the side panel. This is my first attempt with the ABS stuff, read up alot about ABS repair and it seems to be working, I made a chain slot through the bottom of the lower "mud" guard and it seems to be strong enough. Still need to put some more layers on it to strengthen the bond and fill the edges in so I can smooth it out. The stock electrical packing was cut up and glued to the left side panel and will need a few small brackets welded to the frame. Am also gonna try a little heat bending of the ABS to form a nice smooth transition point in the front of the mud guard to allow wire hose access to the battery area.

The battery cables came from mcmaster carr
http://www.mcmaster.com/#electrical-wire-cable-and-cords/=120907 (http://www.mcmaster.com/#order-history/=1201uq)
The lugs came from Home depot in the electrical section, I used #4 wire and solderd the lugs onto the cables then shrink wrapped them with black and some red at the battery. I used a mapp torch to solder these on just put the heat at the top of the lug and let the solder flow, i prefer solder over any crimp connection for longevity.

Milled the swingarm axle locations about 1/4-3/8 of an inch and now my chain works.....JOY :smoke















18th March 2009, 15:45
Very interesting pics !!
Thanks for sharing.

18th March 2009, 15:48
Fantastic build. Great write-up and detailled pictures to go with it :clap
Good luck !!!

26th March 2009, 11:19
How are things going on the build ? Everything OK ? Hope so.

26th March 2009, 12:39
Wow, what a lot of work, but to say you did all that is going to be something else! Nice work so far man.

7th April 2009, 20:06
Jak...you out there buddy?
Havent heard from you in a while.
Hows the build going?

11th April 2009, 00:04
holy freaking crap that is awesomeness, I wish i had the time and brains to do something like that, really tear down my old 75 honda bobber and fix it better then the PO. Coming out awesome was hoping i caught the thread as it was ending and it would be done by the time i got to the end, now its like the soaps the women folk watch, gotta wait till next week to find out what happens, lol

11th April 2009, 07:57
Nice work man. My butt is now completely asleep cuz I had to read this whole post. Keep it coming.

22nd April 2009, 18:51
Well I havent been doin much to the bike lately, been working on my trucks getting them ready for DOT inspections here in ma. Had to replace some ball joints in one of them, That was a bitch I tell ya. And have been working extensively on the yard and house taken down some trees and general stuff for the OL. I have gotten to ride a couple times so far this year though, and watched a buddy of mine lay down his 5 day old 09 street glide right beside me....now that was funny I tell ya.:D He didnt really appreciate me laughing at him....but why'd he think I'm called jakass for?

Any hoo, I did start to re-do the oil tank it was becoming a royal pain in the ass to get where I wanted it so I cut the old one up and starting from scratch again......

I'm hoping to get back to this in earnest in a couple of weeks....yeah I'm that far behind in my "chores":shhhh:shhhh

HEY i tried to get it to work.....argh:censor



Some random pics of the ABS filler




22nd April 2009, 19:47
Good to hear from you again, and glad you got to show us your sheer craftmanship.
Thx for posting.

22nd April 2009, 21:41
i would just like to say that your a mad man

22nd April 2009, 23:11
i would just like to say that your a mad man

And that's just the way we like it!!!
Thanks for the update.
Dontcha hate how life get's in the way of your fun..haha.

4th May 2009, 08:38
I`m gonna follow this one:D

Mark Jags
13th May 2009, 03:29
Wow!! Just stumbled onto this build.
Jakazz...you are one hell of a fabricator and an inspiration to all. Can't wait to see it complete.

Mark Jags

13th May 2009, 07:56
WOW, that's all i can say, wow. great job so far, and best of luck on finishing it, keep up the good work.

5th June 2009, 01:33
that looks great. you got some skills man

5th June 2009, 06:01
It's 'bout time for an update...:geek

daggar rider
5th June 2009, 14:30
man i was wondering what happend to this thread and build, i have actually been looking for it. bike is amazing, you got some killer skills and tools man, that wifey needs to get you a garage for your birthiday :D

5th June 2009, 17:28
wow jus tfinished readign this thread and holy hell do you have some serious fab skills man, and some kick ass tools. cant waait to see more pics and the finish pics

6th June 2009, 02:29
Any updates Jak???:geek:geek:geek

30th June 2009, 22:34
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great a bagger with a sporty !!!!!! M.F!!! big and good job !!nice

2nd July 2009, 21:54
really wanna see this thing finished, anything new? or stuck?

4th July 2009, 01:43
Well I'm not stuck just little time right now, but I did start to build this


played around with the brass powder and really like it




We have recieved our 11 month old niece for family custody from her crack whore mother and the extra cash going out isnt fun, 1600.00 a month for daycare, just for her. I am going to stop working and take care of the kid till our son is out of daycare, his is only 1200.00 per month,:censor which is about 12 months away:wonderlan:wonderlan:wonderlan:wonderlan

The bike is coming along very slowly but with the daddy day care I should get a couple few hours a day to go forward with it.

With all the shitty weather we have been having in the N east I still managed 4 days in Laconia with freinds an wives


F'in rained ALOT, but thats laconia for ya, almost thirty years now. Had a couple newbie riders that had no idea about rain........:tour

Chalee Mai Dee
5th July 2009, 02:36
That looks like it may be a smoker. Or is that your powder coating booth?


7th July 2009, 02:58
Dude just found this lind and like everyone else I think this is a great build! I'm jealous of your time/commitment. BTW I like your choice of brand in the beer cans :doh

7th July 2009, 04:00
Wish I had found this sooner. I couldn't stop reading it 'till the end. Now it's past my bedtime. Kudos on the skills and dedication. That'll come in handy with the new niece. Kudos and rep for that too. You have my respect on many levels.

7th July 2009, 04:50
Man, that brass looks hella sweet!!!
Can't wait to see what all ends up being "brassed" on your scoot...
Glad to see you taken care of that baby...Rep for you!

8th July 2009, 01:36
Good on ya for the kid. Few folks take in family these days.

9th July 2009, 01:46
Good on ya for the kid. Few folks take in family these days.

It will come back to you and you already know that...:geek:geek:geek

You guys looked good in the ride...:banana:banana:banana

17th August 2009, 18:25
cool idea, worth looking into

18th August 2009, 05:13
Hey, aint it about time for an update!!
A quick question I thought of since last visit...how does the "brass" finish hold up to the elements? What kinda "upkeep" does it need?
Can't wait to hear how things are going...

25th August 2009, 03:10
Jak, Was that front end a bolton? What was it off of? I'm lookin at a 03 Heritage front end and wonder if it would be a bolton. Thanks Mark Great job with the family thing to !!

26th August 2009, 01:33
No real updates, may be selling the house and moving ....a house with a garage...ooohhhh boy, working my ass off. Got the saddlebag mounts hooked up, picked up a plasma cutter, havent gotten to use it much.... and getting a small amount of time to ride the softy....

But I have faith things will get better...Time wise.....

Marks...the front end is a direct bolt on, at least neck wise, still may need to get touring tubes since they are 2 inches lower than the softail. It depends on how the bike sits with the front end.

Blaze...Havent got the brass set on anything just yet, a buddy keeps asking about doing his street glide but is a little bit of a bitch on the fence kinda guy, plus I told him he needed to buy his own instead of using my supply

Only pic I got is one of the plasma cutter cut..... sorry


19th September 2009, 01:53
Hi Jak ... Mate I've been following this project of yours with great interest .... and as I dont buy/read many books I'm getting a bit bored, so I'm hoping that you'll get away from your other chores/duties, get your priorities right and start back on the bike.
Seriously mate this has got to be about the most interesting thread I've read !!

27th September 2009, 04:24
This is absolutely fantastic! Your one very lucky person to have all these tools at your finger tips!

28th September 2009, 05:30
Ok just spent the last hour reading this and checking out the pics. Gotta see how this ends and cant wait to see what your capable of with an actual garage/shop. Im Jealous :( great work and mad skills.

3rd October 2009, 23:51
So I started welding up the new swingarm for the bike. Its been sitting in the jig waiting for the rod to burn into it for about three months now. This is seriously how much time I have been getting for my stuff lately, hoping to get a few more in tomorrow to finish it. It still needs the cross member and the pivot section out of another swingarm. heres a pic for you guys.....thanx for being patient:doh


4th October 2009, 00:03
Hey Jakazz ..... good to see back !!!

4th October 2009, 00:26
I forgot to ask you something. Why not just cut the neck off of your sporty frame and weld it to the rk frame? It would seem to me that that would be the easiest way to go about doing things. Then stock rk parts would bolt up perfect, all you would have to fab is a engine mount for the sporty engine...

Or am I missing something that makes this not possible to do?

4th October 2009, 02:11
U The Man Cant Waite To See This Done

Ping King
4th October 2009, 02:21
Freakin' great build.
I admire your dedication and attention to detail.

Truly bad ass man,

4th October 2009, 12:12
Very interesting build.... Nice good luck with the new house

4th October 2009, 22:45
So I got the crossmember in today and the gussets that run horizontally, still need to get the bottom done , needs a return on the 1x3 to the 1x 1.5 crossmember.

The swingarm is still longer than needed and will be cut to size after the milling of the slots and the plugs for the shock mounts, six per side, should give plenty of height adjustment.

If anyone is wondering why I'm going to such an extent of work on this swingarm its for a future adaptation of a monoshock. Istill havent givin up on it yet.:smoke



7th October 2009, 23:39
Rain day at work so I had some time again to work:clap

Finished all the gussetts and milled the shock and axle holes, ended up using the plasma cutter to finish the axle slot......damn I love that tool. Plugged the shock mounts, these will be tapped for 1/2" bolts.

I weighed this as it sits without the pivot section, it weighs a scant 18 pounds

hope to get the front pivot set by this weekend and then mount it:rolleyes:








7th October 2009, 23:48
I forgot to ask you something. Why not just cut the neck off of your sporty frame and weld it to the rk frame? It would seem to me that that would be the easiest way to go about doing things. Then stock rk parts would bolt up perfect, all you would have to fab is a engine mount for the sporty engine...
Or am I missing something that makes this not possible to do?

What you're missing is that if he did that, we wouldn't be getting all this sporty porn:


Glad your bak, Jak!!!:banana:banana:banana

8th October 2009, 00:06
What you're missing is that if he did that, we wouldn't be getting all this sporty porn:

Glad your bak, Jak!!!:banana:banana:banana

That is true.

8th October 2009, 05:17
I forgot to ask you something. Why not just cut the neck off of your sporty frame and weld it to the rk frame? It would seem to me that that would be the easiest way to go about doing things. Then stock rk parts would bolt up perfect, all you would have to fab is a engine mount for the sporty engine...

Or am I missing something that makes this not possible to do?

The mind of a fabricator just don't work that way... :frownthre
It's like asking a marathon runner why don't they just run on their treadmill instead of driving all the way to Boston... :D

Nice work, Jak... I love following this thread...

8th October 2009, 12:16
Anyone with some welding experience can do a neck-switch. What`s the fun of that?
Making parts that don`t exist or modfying parts to fit something that it wasn`t ment to fit is just so much more entertaining for the crowd and rewarding for the guy with the skills:D
I`m also glad you`re back on track:) Keep it up:D

daggar rider
8th October 2009, 13:21
looking great man!!!! i love this build, compleatly different than what anyone else is doing

10th October 2009, 14:13
The big issue with doing a neck switch is with a bike inspection by an informed LEO. As with all laws and regulations, fed dot states that any vehicle used on the highways, roads, needs to be designed and manufactured per DOT standards. Modifying such vehicles after manufacture voids the DOT compliance. Roughly stated just swapping out your swingarm without a DOT stamp on it violates federal law. If a LEO really wants to bust your balls he can impound your bike. Smaller turn signals without the proper lumens (sp) can get you in trouble, no reflectors per DOT specs can get your bike impounded.

With a neck swap you can be charged in most states, as tampering with VIN numbers, charged for that crime and have your bike destroyed by the state. Even if you have Title for the VIN, bike, and engine. No need for that BS.....

With some LEO's busting your balls for pipes or a vertical plate why take the chance. At some of the bigger Rally's you will sometimes notice LEO's checking vin's and motors for tampering and stolen parts. I have seen this at laconia, rendevous, and sturgis. Most people dont realize this is even going on. An informed LEO know what to look for in modified vehicles.

Most LEO's wont care about most of the modifications, but once you start swapping necks you are gambling with your ride, and the house for the most part wins...:censor

A few of the best resources on this subject is club chopper, chopper web, and my fav chopper handbook. As snowman knows getting the inspection after the build is a biggie. Some guys just build a bike with no documentation at all, and expect a breeze at registration time. Not so, you have to keep all reciepts, even for the metal that you build it out of. Sometimes you need to get a shop to certify the welds for you. I have seen guys in ma. go through some serious shit and still not get the VIN assigned.

ok rant over....:p:p:p

10th October 2009, 14:50
Thanks jakazz, I understand now. I just thought, tampering with the neck, or everything from the neck down, what's the diff? lol.

12th December 2009, 08:50
Any updates man? This XLBagger is fricken sweet

16th February 2010, 20:12
So between getting my softy set for this spring and the family, I finally got some time to play in the shop.

So first I needed to get some, jig's built, and rebuild my bender, made a sandblaster, still need to finish the pc oven but waiting for the snow to melt from around it:p.

I have decided to run the oil tank up front with the fuel.....It will be a 2 piece setup with aprox 1/2" space in between them, with vent wholes all around it, so I dont cook my gas. It will be bolted to the gas tank with 1/4- 20' brass socket heads @ 3-4 inches apart all around, and be insulated from the gas tank with grommets for cushion.

The reasoning behind this is the future addition of the monoshock, Hey I'm stubborn and I want it :censor

First thing I did was to use a laser to get a straight lines on the tank, this way I could be assured of it being all straight. If I tried with just tape I might be doing alot of fudging to get it right and I want to have the 2 pieces fit like a body panel.


I then masked of the area so I would have a bigger guide to run the cuttoff wheel around.



After the cutting this is what I have, It came out very clean, and very straight



Then all there was to it was to make some templates, it will be a double wall in there, one for the oil tank and the other for the gas.



You can see here where the holes and the socket head screws will be, also where I want to inlay 2 sight tubes for both the oil and the gas



Well thats it for today just got the call from daycare the lil girl is running a temp so I gotta pu.....More to come......arrgghhhh :banadanc:banadanc

16th February 2010, 20:29
AWESOME thread here!

16th February 2010, 20:44
Looking good I like the oil/gas tank any concerns with the heat from the oil transferring to the gas ?

16th February 2010, 20:49
Keep it coming! Looks great.

16th February 2010, 21:56
Looking good I like the oil/gas tank any concerns with the heat from the oil transferring to the gas ?

thats why I'm doing a double wall separating the 2. And why there will be holes around that area to allow heat escaping through them.

Here is a simple cutaway of the tank, it may get you a better understanding of what I'm thinking


16th February 2010, 22:10
Excellent as usual!!!

16th February 2010, 23:46
Mate ... I like it!!
Your brain must be working overtime with all the ideas you have in there??

16th February 2010, 23:48
got it thanks

Mark Jags
17th February 2010, 03:12
Dude, you are my hero! I love your fearless and creative approach towards modification and fabrication. Many tremble at the thought of simply taking a wrench or screwdriver to their beloved machines...but not you. Carry on!

18th February 2010, 23:48
So today went well. Had to do some running around today so I only had a few hours to work, cut all the pieces for the 2 tanks , used the plasma to cut them.....If you get the chance I highly recommend getting one, fast and clean, maybe ten minutes and hardly any cleanup. Didn't get a pic of the plasma action, but heres what I did. Rough cut all the pieces out of 16 ga, then used the combo disc belt sander, and kept scribing the plates till they fit like a glove. Tack'd them in the welded them all home. Came out good. Did only the gas tank today, need to get the tubing for the internals of the oil bag tomorrow.

So heres the gas tank finished, need to pressure test it, then weld the tabs onto it for the connecting of the oil bag.

Had a couple of blow throughs on the edge, so heres a little trick I learned a couple years back

Take a piece of aluminum or copper, and use it as a backer for the hole, the weld puddle will not stick to it

Mig in a puddle of wire and then let cool, this will allow you to throw some more wire on the outside of the edge



Its ugly at first but once you grind it down its a very strong repair and all metal, hardly need to putty it. I will do this wherever there is a slight pit from the weld puddle from underneath. Just dont go nuts and over heat it, a couple good tacks is all it needs.

19th February 2010, 05:51
Nice tip! Thanks...I would prolly made it worse trying to fix it..LOL

19th February 2010, 06:21
so pretty much

this thread kicks ass

19th February 2010, 20:36
So I got some more "off" time....I started on the oil tank today. Pretty much straight forward. trim my inside pieces to fit and tack in place. Then i had to figure out the bungs, and cover the old fake filler neck. didnt get finished still need to work on the final bungs and where the vent and return tubes will go. Debating the sight tube because I want to finish this up and I would need to order some parts from Mcmaster. I'm thinking of using this


So heres the pieces tacked together and all set for final welding



Covered the faux filler, basically tack, grind, tack, grind, tack,grind, till its all filled, It has a flat spot were the new filler will go, all clean and ready




Here are the original bungs I was going with, dont really like what the outside looks like so I'm going with a step down from 1 1/4" to 3/4" on the outside like the one on the front, I think it will look cleaner






I noticed while cleaning up the brass 90's that there was an obstruction built into them, prob a 1/4" inside a 3/8" fitting, drilled it out. Also didn't like what they looked like from the outside so I ground them round'ish and will clean them up better for the final install.





So That was it for today, hoping I'll get some time tommorow and sunday I'll be working on the softail.

19th February 2010, 21:44
just found and read this, it's the most amazing stuff I've ever seen! Quality work, great design and planing. And your patience is to be admired. Being one who is just a backyard, shadetree mechanic, I can't tell you how much I admire your work. Best of luck with the rest, and here's to you for even attempting this build!

daggar rider
19th February 2010, 23:17
i think this is my favorite thread..possibley ever, the inginutiy is so outta my relm it just blows my XLFXLFXLFXLFin mind...i aspire to build like this one day

20th February 2010, 00:43
This has to be one of the best threads on here. I love seeing people take the initiative to make what they want to make rather than mere bolt ons.

Lots of great ideas going into this build. This is going to be one hell of a bike!

21st February 2010, 15:08
Wow, this is an amazing sporty-bagger build! It is the definition of a custom bike!

24th February 2010, 20:58
Greatly enjoying your build - thanks for all the great pics, too. This is really an "evolution" project - as you build, you see a better/different way to go, and you do it! Impressive. Nothing's a bolt-on, not even the brass 90's! :clapAlso, IMHO, if you can swing it, try to get one of those bargain Bridgeports, I can't imagine they'll ever be this cheap again - we know you'll put it to good use. :)

24th February 2010, 22:20
holy moley...I just spent the last two and a half hours of my life reading every post of this project...Yo jackazz, how much time do you think you have wrapped up in this bagger? It's simply amazing...

5th June 2010, 05:53
up dates plezzzz thanx

20th September 2010, 06:53
Great read and great skills!!
I did build a sportglide myself but we cant alter the frame as much as you can.
I only lengthen the swingarm and made some solid fenderstruts,everything has to be reversable otherwise its not the bike on the title no more!!

4th October 2010, 05:45
So shes alive and runs around the yard on her own power.
Had an issue with the BAS but bypassed it and she purred. Installed the monoshock and she is quite smooth. Oil tank works, but still need to weld it to the gas tank.

This winters plan is to finish the monoshock, paint, section the new 09 rear onto the existing, make a new rear subframe for a monoshock setup using a softail rear seat area for dimensions.....so a softail seat can be used....The leperra solo I have sitting on a shelf This will be for another sporty picked up over this winter:p:p

So overall am happy with the minimal progress to date.

The 09 rear frame section, had I known this before I started I would have used one of these




4th October 2010, 06:13
That mono link setup is sweet, don't slow down now!

4th October 2010, 21:49

St. Nick
18th October 2010, 22:16
Really wanna see the finished product on this one .

9th November 2010, 00:01
thanks for the interesting read for the past 2 hours! impressive stuff. please continue!

4th December 2010, 14:38
So I have been busy with family and work....and the OL.....:censor

Any way as in my last post I showed a rear subframe from an 09 glide, I have all the trimings for it and decided todayb after freezing my arse off riding to play with the sporty a little.

Chopped off the rear subframe that I "twice put on", And started mocking up my new sub onto the main frame section. Should take but one day to finish the new frame attachment points,

BUT before I do I'm going to bend up a little something photos down the page :smoke


This is what I'm going to bend up, this is a leperra solo off my softy, I'm going to build a little subframe for this setup as well..........

Cafe style Industrial looking thing here:





4th December 2010, 18:11
Looking great! Question though, your front fender wont hit your battery in it's full travel??

4th December 2010, 19:10
That's one sweet build. Great pics.

5th December 2010, 22:01
Looking good!

6th December 2010, 04:11
yeah the battery was a quick weld to get it out from under the seat, still need to mod it some

16th December 2010, 18:59
this has to be one of the best bagger builds out of a sporty I've seen

5th January 2011, 19:56
One word: Determined....

daggar rider
6th January 2011, 06:39
man I was really just watching this thread because of the inginuity behind it but that is really turning out to be a cool ass looking bike!

25th January 2011, 17:17
Anything new??????

2nd February 2011, 01:23
I somehow missed the point at which you decided on the mono shock again. Any chance you could drop some of those real informative tidbits we have come to know and love?? The mono shock was actually what I originally started watching this one for. Thanks.

8th February 2011, 01:38
Hey man I know I dont post much and you have put a lot of thought and inginuity into this build but I put a skirted front fender on my bike and everything looked like it was gonna clear jus fine. First time I rode it I went by a buddys house and looked down and saw chips in the paint on the center rear of the fender... nothing around to hit it wtf well come to find out when I hit bumps the fender was catching the oil cooler...

1st February 2012, 21:21
Last activity 10th Dec 2011. Wassup?

25th February 2012, 15:42
Hey Jak whats going on haven't seen any activity in awhile. Beeni following your progress for awhile and miss it. COME BACK

12th June 2013, 22:11
bump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!what happend with the build left us all hanging

22nd May 2014, 15:14
just read 21 pages worth, and no ending...worst book ever. hahaha j/k. do want to see what's happened since last june

26th June 2014, 01:01
did it ever run again?

cherokee jim
26th June 2014, 01:34
I chased this lil hottie in a bar all damn night....finally got her to come home with me.Got her in the house,got her pants down,started to drop my drawers and I'll be damned if I didn't leave my dick in the bathroom at the bar.Thats what this thread reminds me of.

27th January 2015, 02:41
Last post by the OP was 21 Feb 2011, something clearly happened...

Hope we hear back, I too was enjoying the build thread. Not my desired end state, but loved the creativity and craftsmanship.

The only scarey thing that caught me eye was the upper rear monoshock mounting point. When I swapped out the rear shock on my Honda GL650 to a Yamaha FJ1200 shock, I also swapped out the FJ1200 rear spring to a 900 lb/in Eibach spring. I was surprised to see that rated spring was on the just adequate side for solo duty. With the preload and 1.5 shock working range, I could tell the spring was seeing a load close to 1,700 lbs. And that was based on a shock geometry of the stock GL650.

In looking at OP's distance from the rear axle to the swingarm vs. the shock lower mounting point to swingarm piviot point distance, you can see the ratio is quite high - that is, if the load coming back through the rear axle was 400 lbs (hit a pot hole), the 5/1 or 6/1leverage might result in 2,000-2,400 lb through the shock. Since the bikes are close to the same weight, I would think the upper mounting point saw a load of at least 2,000lbs. The spring looks the oem spring for that shock. So if the spring took 1,200 - 1,500 lbs, the upper mount took the other 500-800 lbs like a jack hammer. After a few bumps, it could have failed (mount or bolt)... If that happened while riding, the bike would fold up and the rider would go down...


Mountain Cop
29th April 2016, 18:32
I'm bringing this one back from the dead. Jackazz, what happened with it?