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Mr Davo
26th February 2005, 11:44
How many of you turn the fuel off when you put the bike away?

I always turned the fuel off on any bike with ordinary taps, and ignored it on any bike with a vacuum tap. The book tells me to turn it off, but are they just being careful so I cant sue them if the petcock screws up and floods my motor or torches my garage.....?

26th February 2005, 11:56
Technically it's a good idea, even with a vacuum tap..

I NEVER have tho....I must be a rebel.... :D

Gonna have to get int the habit tho as I'm going to a high flo tap with the 88"..

gonna have to UN-rebel :(

26th February 2005, 12:16
I also never turn the fuel valve off unless the bike sits for an extended period. Steveo's advice is widely accepted, certainly on more recent built H-D's. Many riders feel confident in ignoring the manuel on this one.


26th February 2005, 12:33
After a slow start, I have just gotten into the habit of turning the petcock (there's that word again, lol!) off just before I grab my key. It would be nice if vacuum petcocks had a 'prime' position for re-filling empy float bowls and the like, but you can't have everything.


26th February 2005, 12:43
I used to not turn mine off, but I recently read a thread somewhere (couldn't tell you where) that had quite a few horror stories regarding leaving it on. So now, anytime she's spending the night in the garage, the fuel valve goes off.

I'm pretty dumb, though. So, to prevent me attempting to ride off with the fuel valve off, I bought myself a little "remove before flight" flag that goes on the bike when I turn the valve off.

Yes, I've tried to ride off with the fuel valve off - more than once. :frownthre

26th February 2005, 13:40
Although I haven't always done so, lately I have been shutting the petcock off if I'm gonna be off the scoot for more than a few minutes. It's probably not absolutely necessary, but gives me some peace of mind knowing that a stuck vacuum valve isn't gonna cause a flood in my motor. But that's just me... :rolleyes:

26th February 2005, 14:59
ever since i had a bike i always turned it off.i once read that leaving it on for long periods of time the gas can seap down into the oil through the carb.

Krayven Sumhead
26th February 2005, 15:22
IMHO the gas should be turned off when the bike is in storage for any length of time.
When I store mine I ride it untill warmed up, ride into the garage, jiffy stand it, turn off the fuel valve, and let the bike run untill it stops. First I change the oil. I then twirl out the plugs and squirt some oil (3 in 1) into each cylinder and turn it over a couple of times. Then I twirl the plugs back in and put it on the trickle charger. If you don't turn off the fuel, there is the possibility that gas will seep into the cylinder, bypass the rings, and end up in the oil, diluting it.
Edit: I also add STABIL to the fuel and make sure the gas tank is completely full so there will be no condensation or rust.

26th February 2005, 20:47
I have never turned it off for any of my bikes, even during winter storage. Maybe i am also a rebel, or just bad. Whatever. I will continue on as i have.

26th February 2005, 20:52
Yes, I've tried to ride off with the fuel valve off - more than once. :frownthre

Roger that. I'm like at 25% :smackh

26th February 2005, 21:23
I always turn it off. Every time the engine goes off, so does the gas. Just a habit thing I started and plan to continue. Both the seasoned riders in my family just drilled it into my head as a matter of good practice. If your float ever sticks you'll be glad you did.

26th February 2005, 22:48
That's what they teach in the MSF.
Thumb (off switch)
Valve (petcock)

27th February 2005, 16:34
Yes, I've tried to ride off with the fuel valve off - more than once. :frownthre

Me, too! :o


27th February 2005, 16:38
That does seem to be a thing ya forget to do every now and then :shhhh