View Full Version : Digital Guard Dog keyless

28th October 2008, 01:56
Anyone have this

If so, does it work as advertised, good quality etc?
Any issues with OEM warranty if this is installed??

30th October 2008, 02:02
Can't speak for the keyless ignition system, but I can safely say that the company makes good products (I've got the regular DGD security system).

30th October 2008, 02:17
I'll be keepin gmy eye on this one as well! I have been eyeing the DGD in J&P for a while now.

17th December 2008, 02:57
The newest KIM kicks butt. I have the old style on my FLHRS and so I got a new KIM for a project 82 Sporty I'm working on. Installation is super easy. I didn't even put a key switch on my bike! It has accessory buttons on the fob just like most car key fobs do. If you run into a problem, Bruce is almost always at the end of the phone to walk you through it.

17th December 2008, 03:00
Another forum member I know has one. I'm impressed and thinking of making the switch.

22nd December 2008, 03:49
Watching this too. Want to eliminate the key altogether on my 08nighty. (that and I keep forgetting the damned keys in it).