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28th February 2005, 03:27
I have heard that there have been problems on the 04-05 Sporty fuel petcock.

Here is what just started happening to my bike ... Today, I am driving down the interstate. All of a sudden, the damned engine quits. Pull in the clutch and coast to a stop. Switch to reserve and the thing starts. Drive down the road and switch back to nornal while driving ... engine stops again.

The gas tank is full of gas. There is no trash on the fuel petcock screen.

The vacumm lines are all in perfect condition and not disconnected.

The bike has 3,000 miles, so the petcock's normal/reserve wasn't somehow reversed from the factory from day-one (everything was ok in the past)

Should I just shit-can the stock fuel petcock and get one of those Super Duper-High Performance-Racing-NASA- NHRA- High flow style petcocks? ... (if they are even avail for the 04-05)

I need to find someone who really can give me an idea as to why my fuel petcock is doing what it's doing (remember, it's has been ok for the last 3,000 miles)


28th February 2005, 03:40
If it's vacuum controlled, I'd guess either the petcock is failing or got dirt in it.

28th February 2005, 03:55
My bad. I was all ready to post a picture of my pet rooster.

Good luck with your gassey- thing.

28th February 2005, 04:02
Pet Rooster! :D :laugh :D

Oh ... It sure is vacuum controlled. The thing is, both main and reserve are vacuum controlled .... reserve always works ... main works some of the time.

Like I said ... I am very confused.

28th February 2005, 04:06
If it's vacuum controlled, I'd guess either the petcock is failing or got dirt in it.

Turbota, my mechs had the same problem. They worked on it for 4 days trying to figure the darned thing out, and what they ended up doing was rebuilding the petcock valve. It worked great for a few days, and then crapped out on my one morning - miles from home. The guys with me ended up tearing the thing apart right there on the road, and found small particles of debris in the petcock. The particles were so small that they were certain that couldn't be the problem, but that's all they could find. They cleaned them out, put it all back together, and it's run fine ever since. Moral of the story, those little particles caused big problems. Hopefully yours is as simple.

28th February 2005, 04:11
BonRu ... You may have a point ... But, I am suprised than any trash that could somehow get though that fine screen could make the petcock not work.

28th February 2005, 04:17
BonRu ... You may have a point ... But, I am suprised than any trash that could somehow get though that fine screen could make the petcock not work.

That's EXACTLY what all three of the men working on my bike said. They said "No WAY" that little piece of crud caused your bike to quit. But all I know is once they cleaned it all out, I haven't had the problem again. There was only one noticeable piece of trash in the (I think they called it the diaphram - it's that square piece on the back of the petcock that comes apart and has a cream/yellow center) where it got through the screen.

28th February 2005, 04:48
Ron this had been happening to my bike alot during the first 2k miles. Somewhere along the line someone told me that this had been happening to them and they found some sand-like sediment sitting in the bottom of the gas tank. I've looked in my tank but didn't see anything like that. I had noticed the bike would do this, and also wasn't running so great every time I filled the tank at a gas station near my house. I started filling up at a Mobil station about 2 miles away and (knock on wood) haven't had the problem since.
Never the less, I haven't mentioned it to the dealer, but if you find out what the cause is please keep us posted.

28th February 2005, 14:37
they found some sand-like sediment sitting in the bottom of the gas tank

Turbota, they found the same kind of stuff in my gas tank. When they cleaned out the diaphram, they also took my gas tank off and rinsed it out several times before putting everything back together. It appeared that the stuff somehow got around the screen, and got to the petcock.

28th February 2005, 14:56
Time for a pingel and an in-line see through filter. Besides, ya got that 1222cc motor and ya need to feed it as much gas as you can. :D

I like the pingel valves look as well. They come in a few designs, and they are chrome.

28th February 2005, 15:15
barry ...

I just e-mailed Pingel to ask them what P/N I need. I told them I just want a direct replacement fuel valve (outlet pointing straight down, vacuum operated, and the standard OEM thread)

Do you have a P/N? and where did you buy yours? How much?

I don't need anything fancy .... Just one that works, flows good and is a direct replacement.

28th February 2005, 15:40
Custom Chrome # 27086 for chrome, 27088 for polished. They are not cheap though. About 90 bucks. I don't think they make a vacuum type. I just plugged the vacuum port.

Jireh cycles has em at 79.95 part # 21-257 Chrome , 72.95 # 21-244 polished

1st March 2005, 01:54
Ron, Pingel does make a vacuum model-$152 in Dennis Kirk, $160 in J&P. Highway robbery, if you ask me. They do have the down facing outlet available...as a consolation :rolleyes:


1st March 2005, 02:20
I just ordered a non-vacuum Pingle valve:


These fuel valves have all the features of the standard Pingel Power-Flo fuel valves, except that they are specifically designed to fit the 22mm bungs used on Original Equipment tanks from 1975-2005. Installation is more compact, saving around 1/4" installed height over a standard Power-Flo.
Chrome finished, fuel hose outlet faces down

Pingel P/N 6391-CH

Custom Chrome P/N 27086

Jireh Cycles P/N 21-257
6000 series H-D metric Chrome Hex
Paid about $80 to the door

Thanx for all your help! :)

1st March 2005, 06:32
I know it has a filter screen on it but I like to see the filter. Those glass see through filters you can get at pep boys or autozone work well.