View Full Version : Ten Hut: Triple Check Those Receipts

9th August 2006, 21:07
These days, we have SKUs, scanners, and pictures of hamburgers replacing prices of hamburgers on cash registers so no one has to actually enter cost or calculate change. It's efficient, and it mostly works.

Except, apparently, at HD dealerships. I've recently had overcharges varying from $9 all the way up to $128--and I'm talking about SKU'd and CLEARLY PRICED merchandise. With all of these credits to my account, my bank is beginning to wonder if I'm on the HD payroll.

I don't know if they're assuming that the customer can't add or notice a transposed number, but this I do know--from now on, I'll be scrutinizing my receipts like an old lady at a Kroger check out line.

9th August 2006, 21:13
like an old lady at a Kroger check out line.

:roflblack :roflblack :roflblack I know her!!!:roflblack :roflblack :roflblack

9th August 2006, 21:45
I check mine all the time... it's amazing how many can't make change.

I've had 'em try to give me more, and I just tell them they may want to recount the amount they gave me... Guess being a Boy Scout leader has ruined me for life... :rolleyes: