View Full Version : Oil change...while you wait..for bikes?

17th August 2006, 15:32
We have these things in every city in Canada...and I know you Yanks have them as well.....Places like "Mr. Lube". You drive the car in, drink a coffee, read a paper, and they replace the oil and filter in your cage. Less than forty bucks for "dino juice", slightly more for home brew. The first guy who sets up shop in a large American city for motorcyles is going to be a rich dude! Because sometimes we just want an oil change. Not a "screwing" by the stealer?

17th August 2006, 15:44
It's coming for bikes. There is at least one in Tempe, AZ and the dude is opening another in Phoenix, with plans for a third in January 2007. Have any of the Phoenix riders tried this yet? http://www.mybikersbay.com/

He's also looking to discuss franchise operations with investors.


17th August 2006, 16:32
I checked out his web site...now there's a smart guy!

17th August 2006, 16:48
not yet but theres a few others around, theres even a mobil service... never used em just seen them in the local biker mags...

17th August 2006, 17:16
Its a good idea for warm climates, but I don't think there would be enough business up here - nobody changes their oil in Chicago in Februrary ;)

Kev will love this part (from their website): "Bikers' Bay recommends that oil and filter should be changed every 2500 to 3000 miles"

Looks like they charge about $40 for a dino change, $60 for synth. Probably not a bad deal for people who don't change their own. I'm really curious how much business they'll get.

17th August 2006, 17:21
From the article I saw, it said "he's also discussing franchise operations with interested investors in CA, FL, NV, NM and other towns in AZ." Also, while searching for references to him and this quick change thing, I found out he's an Amsoil dealer http://www.lubedealer.com/Tazslube/.

And if you think our oil discussions get heated, I also found this one (where he made a few posts and I found the mybikersbay.com site):


Makes our discussions look like playground stuff.


17th August 2006, 18:05
Its a good idea for warm climates, but I don't think there would be enough business up here - nobody changes their oil in Chicago in Februrary ;)
I was thinking the complete opposite! For those of us without garages, in places where it does get nipply in November, it'd be a great idea. That way, when you hit your oil change mileage (whatever that may be), instead of sitting your ass on cold, wet pavement, you could sit in a comfy chair with a hot coffee. Taking last year as an example, there were plenty of days that I wanted to go riding (bundled up like the Michelin Man, mind you), but had no intention of sitting on the snowy/icy/wet/fuggin' cold pavement to do an oil change. Of course, not every bike owner goes riding in winter, so it'd probably make more business sense to combine it with a car centre (like Mr. Lube or Speedy).

18th August 2006, 00:20
A lot of dealerships have a "while you wait" service on oil changes and tires on weekends. Of course, they charge more than a "Quick Lube". What would really be great is a mobile tire mounting service. Now that, I'd be glad to pay for. As long as I can do my own oil change with synthetic and a filter (Mobil 1, Wix) for under $30, I can't see paying twice as much. (But then, I actually enjoy changing oil)