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17th August 2006, 20:36
The cylinders and heads and rocker boxes are reassembled and torqued to specs along with the intake manifold what should I do next, the push rods and covers are also installed but not adjusted nor are the rockers themselves do I have to adjust the rockers or just the pushrods, and how long should I run it after all assembly and adjustments are done. Mick I know you have experience with reassembly can you let me know what should come next and of course anyone else I will post more info if needed?

17th August 2006, 20:58
adjust the push rods first. make sure both valves are closed. adjust them so they spin free with no drag and no up down movement. turn a/f mixture on the carb out 2/1/2 3 turns put 3 quarts of oil in oil bag, 3/4 quart in trans. make sure all oil/fuel lines are tight. Prime the oil pump, fire it up be sure to check everywhere for oil leaks I only run them for about 5 min then shut it down and change the oil in the oil bag. after that take it for a spin but be easy with it. adjust the a/f mixture when motor is warm.

18th August 2006, 04:35
Like he said. You do not need to adjust the rockers, just the pushrods.

When correctly adjusted you should be able to rotate them between thumb and forfinger, but with no side to side or up down movement. I tighten them with finger and thumb only, until too tight, them loosen off just enough so they rotate between finger and thumb.

I rotate the engine using the rear wheel until one p-rod is fully up, then adjust the other one of the pair. Then repeat for the other p-rod. Then repeat for the other cylinder.

After tightening the locknut check the adjustment. Stupid locknut. Often causes the adjustment to go off then you gotta do it again.