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2006 1200c
19th August 2006, 20:18
Guess I'm the first to post here in the New Brunswick Canada Thread.
I'm kinda shocked, there seems to be lots sportsters around. :D

Anyone else from New Brunswick Canada?

25th March 2007, 23:14
Yep! There's me! I have a 2001 883XL. I live in the Campbellton area. How about you?

25th March 2007, 23:57
Nova Scotia here....Thought I'd chime in and say Hello ! :xlrocks

2006 1200c
26th March 2007, 21:45
I'm in the Fredericton area :)

frozen hog
7th April 2007, 01:45
hiya from the othe side of the linkin peii lived in oromocto for years when i was in the forcesloved the hunting & fishing oh yes got a great friend there dtill he owns red lyon tattoing may get over there this summer

21st November 2007, 01:14
Just saying I'm here.

Lots of bikes in the Moncton area. For some reason, everybody in Moncton has been buying bikes these past few years. HD sells well, but plenty of other cruisers and sport bikes also. The fun thing is that everybody seems to get along, no matter what they drive.

Plenty of Sportsters around. I never noticed how many, until I got mine. I don't know why they're not on this forum. This is probably the location with the best Sportster information on the web. Lots of people with plenty of good knowledge.

26th December 2007, 03:10
Living in New Maryland. Haven't seen your bike around.

11th December 2008, 19:19
Just saying hi from Haneytown(Geary) can't wait for the spring to get here.

11th December 2008, 19:50
Sugar Land here, Texas that is! But, when I saw New Brunswick I had to look. Seeing New Brunswick, Fredericton, Moncton, and Nova Scotia mentioned brought back great recent memories. Last Fall (2007) my wife and I, as well as our little poodle, went on a great two month trip, on four wheels, and a lot of the trip was in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It was a super trip. Great people and great sites. Whale watching, touring the underground coal min in Glace Bay, Bay of Fundy down on the ocean floor, all while carrying our little buddy by the way! Super trip.

I thought about riding to Nova Scotia by myself last June and in fact have a large Nova Scotia tourism package sitting on my desk as I type this. I took a western trip instead but it is still on my mind. Welcome to the board.

11th December 2008, 19:58
Whoa! I didn't pay attention to the dates on the posts! Oh well, giving that area props that are well deserved can't hurt anything. lol

13th December 2008, 00:05
Props are timeless southtexas!...thanks for the props!

15th July 2010, 14:26
I just joined the group not long ago and I am in New Brunswick. A small town called Woodstock, about an hour past Fredericton.

22nd October 2010, 17:16
I live in Moncton New Brunswick

22nd October 2010, 17:58
I live in Moncton New Brunswick

I rode Edmonton to Moncton in July
What a trip.:)

22nd October 2010, 19:18
Welcome from Illinois

20th February 2011, 19:13
Hey, from New Brunswick also, just outside Shediac, not far from Moncton.... Later.....G:tour

6th April 2011, 19:25
Well I can't let a forum die. I live in Texas (Hells Yeah) but I was born and drug up on the Welfare in Woodstock.

11th February 2013, 19:56
use to live just outside of fredericton, but moved to calgary about 6 years ago