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25th November 2004, 14:23
For those of you interested in thse things, I finally had my 04 1200 Roadster dyno'd today. The results were: 80.5 BHP and 73.9 FT torque. This is with the following "bolt in" mods: SE Mufflers (80424-04), SE Air Cleaner (29042-04), SE Mikuni Flat-Slide Carb (27454-01), SE Ignition Module (31785-04) and SE Cam Kit (25197-04). The sad thing is I was pleased with this result, bearing in mind I was looking at around 147 BHP for my Honda Blackbird last year! The interesting thing on the dyno was the way the speedometer (and dyno) read at around 140mph at max power, I don't know if I could get near that on the road as the handling is too scary around 120!

25th November 2004, 20:34
at what RPM's? can u post the graph? how much did u lose down low with those huge cams?

25th November 2004, 23:39
My 04 with just SE ac kit, D&D slip-ons and a jetted carb made 74.51Hp at 6K and 77.04ftlbs at 4300. I would guess that would be pretty standard for most 1200's give or take 1 or 2 hp/tq either way depending on pipes. It looks like he lost about 3ft lbs with the SE .551's. Just my 2 cents if it's worth anything.

26th November 2004, 00:37
Those numbers are surprisingly low. My 1200 Sport with N8 cams made 78 HP. I wonder what a different exhaust might net.

140 on the dyno doesnt' take wind drag into effect. None the less, I've had my 1200 Sport to 141 at an ECTA meet. But that was with some aerodynamic tricks.

26th November 2004, 09:14
Cant't comment on the precise gain because I didn't dyno it from standard. The parts fitted are all from the SE catalogue. I have a reluctance to fit other makes because the dealer that has done the work will get it back in part exchange next year. Max power was at 6500 rpm although it did rev out to 7000rpm. I will contact Bert to see if he can post the readouts as I don't have a scanner. All the run proves is what a typical Roadster with these mods puts out. The bike has only done 1200 miles so maybe it's still a bit tight.