View Full Version : New headlight connection????

29th August 2006, 00:10
i went to put a new headlight connector thing on that i got from the dealership that was about 14.00 bucks. only thing is, this one has a yellow, black and two white wires. the bike only has a yellow, white, and two black. also, when i turn the key on my tailight dont light up, but the brake light works. can someone give me some insight on how to hook up the new headlamp plug?

29th August 2006, 00:24
I would need to see an 02 wiring diagram to take a stab at it for you. My diagram for an 06 only shows 3 wires, yellow,white and black.

29th August 2006, 01:42
The 04 has two black wires , one just grounds to the hedlight bucket.

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29th August 2006, 02:31
Keep the colors together. The extra black and white are for an auxilliary light. If you don't have one just splice the extra white in with the other whites and the extra black in with the other blacks and you will be fine.

As far as the taillight goes, you probably blew a fuse. The tail light and brake light are on seperate fuses.