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22nd November 2008, 23:09
My Arlen Ness Big Sucker Stage II came with two EFI gaskets. One is the regular thick paper type and the other is thin aluminum sheet. Both have a protective cover you peel off. Which should I use? The instructions don't mention the two different gaskets. The Sucker is going on a 2008 1200L. I got the Stage II kit, but after reading a thread here about it I'm a little worried about forward control leg room. I'm getting the bike tommorrow so I'll see then. I can always go back to the Stage I filter and cover, the backing plate is the same. Thanks.

22nd November 2008, 23:47
I have the stage I and only got the paper gasket, so that's what I used and haven't had any problems.

23rd November 2008, 16:38
I have the stage 1 and i HAD to use all supplied gaskets. I think there were a few other people on the forum that did the same thing.
Try doing a search.... i think there is a thread out there about it.


23rd November 2008, 19:13
I just instaled the stage 1 kit and love it. I had two gaskets and the aluminum spacer, I used them all. Gasket,spacer,gasket. Hope this helps.


23rd November 2008, 22:24
The only way to get a proper seal is to use all three gaskets. Had my BS on for about 3500 miles now with no oil leakage and I love it. You can really hear it sucking in the air!

24th November 2008, 04:21
Thanks forumites. I just found the other paper gasket in the bottom of the box. That makes sense; paper, aluminum, paper. My '08 1200L was delivered this morning. What a nice bike!!!!!!!!! I rode it around some today and then tore into it. It now sports a set of V&H Double Barrels. The Q-series label doesn't fit. They're anything but quiet. I love the sound of 'em though. By the end of the week it'll have the Big Sucker and a PC III USB installed. What a nice bike!!!!!!!! :D