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4th March 2005, 05:40
Am i able to vent the crackcase properly with just a tube or do i need some kind of filter

4th March 2005, 11:12
Am i able to vent the crackcase properly with just a tube or do i need some kind of filter
I would use a filter as for every output pulse of the breather is followed by a input pulse

4th March 2005, 13:45
If your umbrellas are working properly, inhalation should be minimal. But the filter helps absorb the moisture content of the blow-by.

6th March 2005, 14:28
thanks, if anyone else has info on crankcases for 2004 1200c please post. if i have just a tube hanging tube is alot of oil going to come from it.

6th March 2005, 15:05
I have a 2004 1200c, i am getting the round a/c kit. my question is can i have the breather tube just hang down without a filter and i read somewhere the 2004 and up have a new system to vent the crankcase that makes less oil come out, just the gases. does anyone know more on this topic?

6th March 2005, 15:13
You will get very little oil coming from a cranckcase vent tube on a 04-05.

If you are planning on using something other than the stock aircleaner or the SE aircleaner, you can vent it to atmosphere like I did. Here are some pictures:





As you can see, I used a very short piece of wide rubber hose that fits the aftermarket breather outlet, then pushed a thinner hose into that wide section of hose (tight fit). Using the thin hose allows the hose to route between the pushrod tube and the cylinder, and then routed behind the engine and down. The tubing was cut about an inch below the lower frame tube ... And zip-tied in place to the frame tube.

6th March 2005, 16:06
turbota, i've ordered the round kit like yours, what would happen if i just placed the large tube into the crackcase breather support and cut it to size and left to hang behind the a/c? would a lot of oil drip down? the small tube makes sence but i want a clean look.

6th March 2005, 16:28
Although these 04-05s don't puke a lot of oil like the earlier models, you still get a little oil and oil mixed with water (condensation) out of the tube a little. After a period of time, I think it would get on the side of the motor. I think you would be better off just venting it below the bike and be done with it.

Some people use one of those little filters in the tube, but I would think that they would get 'gunky' over time. It's just to easy and simple to vent it something like the way I did it .... and then not to worry about where the crankcase gasses are going.

BTW, I tried venting it into the aircleaner (pic below), but after time it just gunked up the slide in the carb ... bad idea