View Full Version : Other sources for oil filters?

5th September 2006, 14:31
My dealer is a total jerk. That, and he's 120 miles down the road. Where to buy H-D oil filters without darkening his doorstep? Also, any other brands that will fit?

5th September 2006, 15:09
Amsoil (don't know the number) George?
Wix 51215 (black), 51225 (Chrome)
Napa (WIX) 1215 (black), 1225 (Chrome)

http://www.zanottimotor.com/index.htm (Zanotti's) for 20% off HD parts

K&N (don't know the number)

Stay away from fram...

Good Luck

5th September 2006, 15:14
I use the Napa 1215. $6.99 + tax.
It's actually more than the H-D filter here (by a nickel) but since Napa is literally 5 min from my house, and the H-D dealership is over 1/2 hour away, it's well worth it for me.

5th September 2006, 15:23
Even a st3600 super-tech from wal-mart is a better made oil filter than alot that cost 3 and 4 times the cost. They cost $2.00, i've used them a few times over the years and never had anything but good results. They even clean better than alot of high dollar filters, something like 97 percent first pass and 99 percent multi-pass.

Harvey Mushman
6th September 2006, 02:22
The chrome Fram is less than $10. at Wally-World. Looks just like the HD version to me.

6th September 2006, 03:41
Well, I used a K&N filter, and three litres of Mobile 1 20W50. Took twenty minutes....the drain hose seems a little "wonky", but it works.