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4th March 2005, 18:20
If I chanhge frames on my 1200 to a chopper frame do i need to change Vin number and title or can i just change the frame and leave the peperwork alone i dont plan on getting rid of the bike. I live in new york and im not sure about the laws concerning this does anyone else kow or know where to find this info at.

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4th March 2005, 20:19
You should do it legal to avoid troubles. If you get into a situation where the police check your VIN and don't find it on record, you could loose your bike!!!

Here's a little reading material:

* Frame Replacement On Motorcycles - Another Insurance Fraud scheme involves replacing a frame on a motorcycle. An individual will report his/her motorcycle stolen and then purchase an after-market replacement frame, such as a replacement frame from the Chopper Boys or the Gambler Motorcycle Company. The individual will remove all the minor component parts off the original bike and affix them to the replacement frame. The replacement frame has a full 17 character VIN number and a certificate of origin. They will use the certificate of origin to try to register the vehicle as a different make and model with a new VIN number. In some cases they will also abandon or drop the frame bearing the original VIN number in a location where is will be found by law enforcement. In these cases law enforcement will cancel the stolen alarm to insure quick payment of the fraudulent insurance claim.

In New York State all custom motorcycles that are built are required to be inspected by investigators from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Due to the inspection requirements in NYS many of the individuals engaged in this practice will title and register vehicles out of state and operate them in New York with the out of state registration. That quote came from here: ny.us/ofpa/downloadforms/insurancefraudplanofoperation.doc+nys+motorcycle+f rame+vin+number&hl=en

How to register a homemade vehicle in NY:


5th March 2005, 15:37
thanks, dont want to lose the ride!