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8th September 2006, 07:22
I'm stoked! I had to take my EG up to the dealer in Portland today for some warranty work (another story), and the Service Tech that was checking me in saw my name and said, "Hey, I ended up with your '05 Roadster after they classified it as totalled!" (I got rearended last August on her by a Subaru). So we started talking, and he basically rebuilt that puppy from the ground up! Apparently he found someone in Portland to straighten the frame (said it wasn't bad at all)...then he drops the motor off at Dan Baisley's shop (Y2K may know this guy's rep)...the Service Tech told Dan he wanted a motor he could drag race AND flat track...wish I had all the specs (the guy said he'd copy the receipt for me so I could post it here), but needless to say, for $4,500.00 of engine work, I'd guess it might go a bit faster than stock! The new owner didn't give me any times on his drags, but says he is lovin' flat tracking with it! He said he's not coming in first or second; he's just out there for the rush! But he is gaining AMA points on it! The only picture of it he had was on his cell phone, and it looks sharp! He's blacked out everything he could...wrapped pipes...the other Service Techs said they can identify him coming about a block and a half away! They compared the sound to a Nascar car...I'll make sure the next time I go up there that I coordinate with him so he can bring it to work the day I'm there and I'll get some pictures of it! I'm just happy the ol Sporty wasn't parted out and crushed!

Here's some more info on Dan Baisley I found on the net...

Here's Dan on the strip:


A ProStock Harley-Davidson drag bike equipped with Baisley heads has run a quarter of a mile in 7.93 seconds, reaching a top speed of 166 miles per hour. Ridden by Baisley himself, it became the first ProStock Harley to break the 8-second barrier.

Hottest of hot cyclinder heads made in Portland

Portland Business Journal - May 28, 1999 by Bill Neill

Much of Baisley Hi-Performance's work on cylinder heads begins with an existing head made either by Harley-Davidson or an after-market manufacturer such as S.T.D. Development Inc. of Chatsworth, Calif. Baisley modifies the shape of the intake and exhaust ports, the valve seats and valves.

In Baisley's shop, the cylinder heads, which are about the size of half a cantaloupe, are bolted onto a CNC (computer numeric control) machine, which can be programmed to cut metal in almost any dimension. Afterward, the head's intake ports still need to be smoothed out with a hand grinder, just the way the hot-rodders did it back in the 1950s.

But the newest and most exciting product to come out of this shop is an aluminum, dual-carburetor cylinder head for Evolution and Twin-Cam Harleys, designed and built from scratch. The project started several years ago when owner Dan Baisley hired Paul Paine to draw the product in 3-D, using computer-aided drafting software called Mastercam. Paine operates Buckmaster, a company that does CAD/CAM programming and manufacturing in Wilsonville. He estimated he spent 400 to 500 hours on Baisley's cylinder head project over a year and a half.

"We spent many nights working on this in my office or at home," Paine recalled of his collaboration with Baisley. "We'd hear the birds and it was 5:30 in the morning."

The finished drawing, in the form of a computer disc, went to a pattern shop in California, where a mold was made. The mold was sent to a foundry in California which casts the product.

"We have a lot invested in the drawing, the pattern and the casting," Baisley said. He would like to sell at least 150 to 200 sets of Baisley cylinder heads per year. A pair will be priced around $3,200. He said he needs to sell 175 to 200 sets to pay off the investment in the project.

An ex-Harley rider himself, Paine predicted that Harley owners will buy Baisley's new cylinder heads because they have money to spend on improved engine performance and they love acceleration. "It's what I call the smile factor," he said.

The design has already attracted attention from Mastercam. When it was completed, CNC Software in Connect-icut, the parent company of Mastercam, used a computer illustration of Baisley's new cylinder head on the front cover of its 7.0 reference manual.

8th September 2006, 07:30
Good to know an old friend was ressurected...:banawala

8th September 2006, 07:35
I really have missed the ol' girl...just seeing that fuzzy cell phone picture of her lookin' all happy made my day! But now I'm sittin' here wondering why I didn't buy it back from the insurance company and do what he did to it myself! Then I let Y2K's deal of the century slide by, too...it's just my Sporty piggybank isn't quite where it needs to be yet! I'm patient, tho...glad you understood my emotions today, Bill...these things do have spirits, don't they?

8th September 2006, 07:37
I thought that was your old bike.

You could have call me you know, I only work a couple miles from Padadsie.

8th September 2006, 07:47
I thought that was your old bike.

You could have call me you know, I only work a couple miles from Padadsie.

I should've gotten your phone number once I knew when the appointment was, but they had a cancellation so I scooted right up there with a few hours notice! Tell me more about my old bike! :tour

8th September 2006, 07:55
That's a cool story. Touched my heart.