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5th March 2005, 16:30
I have a wide glide front end off of a fl just wondering if anyone knows of neck cups that i could use to convert to the temkin style bearings from the ball type bearings on my 77 iron head i dont have a problem with the cuttong down of the stem bolt just need the neck cups and they need to be the correct inside diameter for the 1" stem of the big twin front end
has anyone tried this before thank you brian

5th March 2005, 18:33
J&P Cycles has Timken style bearings for the early Sportster. Or you can go to your local independent motorcycle shop and get them. Made by the V-Twin, etc motorcycle suppliers.

NOTE: Some of these kits specify the cups come with 'TIMKEN TYPE' bearings but are not actual 'Timken' bearings. Whatever bearing comes with the cup set, you can take the bearings number and go down to your local Bearing Supply house and cross referance the number and get real 'Timken' bearings.

15th September 2005, 17:25
Does anyone have any part number or cross refrence harley models for neck cups and bearings using a Wide glide front end with a 1" stem on a 76 sportster with 7/8" original setup. I checked JP cycles and they have cups for timkens that covert old ball bearing necks to timken bearings but I think this is still for 7/8" stems. There is a 41mm kit in the front of the book that refrences a V-twin part # of 24-0157 which is not a part # in the V-twin book. Thanks in Advance.

17th February 2009, 04:50
Years ago, the absolute best way to convert a Sportster front end to the Wide Glide, was to use a Servi-car tripple tree. The Servi-car was equiped with a Wide Glide front end. The same front end as her big brothers. The only difference is the stem diameter. All the WL models used a 7/8" stem. Even the WL springer is a direct bolt on for the 7/8" neck Sportster models. If you could just find the lower tree, the rest is simple. All of the other 49mm Wide Glide parts will work with the Servi-car lower tree. They are pretty simple to spot. They have a 7/8" stem. Happy hunting.-Joe

17th February 2009, 05:00
When I converted my Marzocchi forks, I had the same problem. I turned the stem down to 1", and bought the standard timken conversion cups. The I turned the I.d. of the cups to clear the stem. Then I bought B/T bearings and viola! It fits! I don't know of any other way. If someone came to me with cups and wanted them turned down on my lathe I'd probably do it for 10-20 bucks, or free if they were a regular customer. I imagine you could use a die grinder if it's all you can get, but the cups end up kinda thinish, I'd much prefer a precision cut.

17th February 2009, 05:01
Obviously you won't need to turn the stem down!

17th February 2009, 05:11
I put a 99 fx front end on my 77 and converted to 1" neck, timken bearings and it had an internal fork stop set up . . .was only about $40 for the complete set up on ebay in stainless. Had to machine the lower outers of the cups to suit my frame and cut 1/2" from the length of the main 1" pivot bolt

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17th February 2009, 20:41
BTW, I thought all of the servicars ran adjustable rake trees? I'm not certain, I just thought so. My buddy had a '73, and his had adjustables.

26th November 2009, 13:12
I am in the process of converting my 77 ironhead stock front end to 41mm wide glide. is it as simple as pulling my forks from the stock trees and sliding them into the new 41mm wide glide trees. I have read the other replys here on the subject but no one spells out an exact/precise step by step procedure.
Does anybody know of a sure bet bolt on set up? is there such an animal??

26th November 2009, 14:44
I used a set of cups from billetwerx http://www.billetwerx.com/products.php
Remove old cups put these in with new bearings. BTW 1" trailer axle bearings work great and are easy and cheap to get.

26th November 2009, 17:50
thanks Musicman!! this is the answer I have been looking for!! I will keep this thread informed with the progress. At present, it is torn down to the frame. all new wheels,tires wiring, paint, and punching the motor out to 1200 with dual plugs. motor work being done @ Zippers in Baltimore maryland USA. the frame and paint job is from George Nelsons paint and body in Bradshaw maryland USA.

26th November 2009, 18:15
Vulcan has a set also:

Great people to work with...

09 blackthunder
13th December 2009, 22:56
what the difference between the old sporties compared to the new ones when it comes to the fork cups so you can you BT front ends on new sporties.

14th January 2010, 13:42
Has anyone used or heard of the demons cycle wide glide conversion for sporty?
Its a complete chrome front end witth a 60 spoke 21". Just wondering what everyones opinion was on it. Seems like a good deal.

5th March 2010, 05:20
I bought my complete Wide Glide from Demons and had to do some mods but so far it works awesome amd looks good.