View Full Version : Upgrade Complete!!! OMFG!!!

6th March 2005, 03:05
I never really thought it was going to be that big of a difference. Pardon my language but, :censor . This 883 XL '04 is now a MONSTER. YEEEHAWWWW.
Here's what I did.
1) 1200 '05 cyclinder & pistons & push rods
2) Screaming Eagle ignition system
3) Thunderslide carb kit.
4) AND THE BONUS, they :censor up my head when boring them out, so they gave me screaming eagle racing head for FREE, cuz it took so long. yahoooooo :clap

i have the before Dyno, but they want me to wait 500 miles to the upgrade Dyno, ill post results soon.

If you got the means $$$ i would do the upgrade, this thing has got to be pushing close to a 1350-1400cc, it blows away the stock 1200's. Im so excited i think i just wet myself. :shhhh

6th March 2005, 03:11
Yes, upgrading like you have done is very exciting. You didn't say if you did a cam change. Hold on when you twist that throttle now.

6th March 2005, 04:07
i know what ya mean. mines just been converted .havent put but about 60 miles on her yet (snow sucks) but what a difference!

6th March 2005, 04:13
Watch that 1-2 shift. When I hit mine kinda hard the first time I slid back in the seat and couldn't reach the pegs. :D


6th March 2005, 05:02
No cam, the wife already has my balls in her purse from this upgrade.
and holding on YES omg YES