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6th March 2005, 15:25
I just finished the installation of the round SE "night train" style air filter and cover. Interestingly enough, I happend to look at the orignal breather bolts I removed which were holding the "stock" SE air cleaner on. They have a restrictor plate built in to the bottom of the bolt with about a 1/16" hole drilled in it, presumably to keep an exessive amount of blow-by from the upper valve area out of the carb (where this is vented on any "stock" installation, SE or otherwise). I would further a guess that this is why some folks have reported an excess of oil in the carb area when the head breathers are receiving a vacuum extraction effect from being inside the air cleaner.

Turbota's orignal installation (where I first got the idea for the round AC, thanks!) had a tube/fitting (reportedly a top-secret piece from a B1 bomber!) placed directly in the intake stream and it looked as though the angle cut on its end was guaranteed to apply a strong scavanging effect to the breathers. He later reported very excessive blow-by entering the carb.

My 'stock' SE AC showed a fair amount of carb blow-by contamination in its short (@1000 mile) lifetime.

I also had to use the kit from Custom Chrome with the seperate banjo-bolt barbed fittings rather than the chromed tube over the top of the carb (as in Turbota's orignal photos) in order to allow hose clamps to be used. I ran the 2 short hoses (3/8' fuel line) into a "T" with another 3/8" line routed to the rear of the engine, then left and down to the frame. I'll soon know if excessive oil reaches the ground.

I'm quite pleased overall with both the looks and performance of my '04 1200R with the round filter. Much snappier acelleration; dyno soon. I especially like the fact that I can now get my knees to the tank now without hitting the "ham can".

A big thanks to all who posted, esp to Turbota for his photos and part # and suppliers and to Barry1967 for the photo w/ part # of the "missing link" CC kit with the seperate banjo fittings. As soon as I get the new studded Mustang Wide Vintage Solo and pillon on (they'll be here Tuesday!), I'll post some pics.

6th March 2005, 15:51
Wizwill .....

I am happy to hear that all this worked out good for you. That round aircleaner breaths great ... and of course, it's a [REAL] washable and oilable K&N.

Routing your breather tube to atmosphere was a smart choice. From what you say, it looks like you routed the hose just about like I did: (couple of pics)



6th March 2005, 21:53
I brought mine back into the air cleaner as suggested. Do you recommend I route it to open air? Do you filter the end or keep it open? Thanks for your help in advance.

7th March 2005, 01:50
I brought mine back into the air cleaner as suggested. Do you recommend I route it to open air? Do you filter the end or keep it open? Thanks for your help in advance.

The amount of oily residue I found inside my "paper-filter/hamcan" Screamin' Eagle air cleaner after only 1000 miles convinced me I didn't want that crap going inside my carb or engine. This seconded Turbota's experience. I am primairly after performance. I'm not big on following suggestions and I never follow blindly. The real reason that a little hole (blocked-off) for the blow-by to be routed to is in the back of the 1340cc SE AC kit is that the EPA tree-huggers say that blow-by may not be routed to the atmosphere and actually mandates that it first must pass through your engine's combustion chamber, thereby dragging your expensive high-test gas down a few points in the process; not to mention the carbon it bakes onto your pistons!

The fact that the little hole for the hose from the breather banjo bolts to be routed to is permitted to be blocked off is due to the BIG PRINT (and crossed flags) on the box that says "For Race Applications Only". The small print (if you read it) says this restriction applies only in California (at least it does on my box).

BTW, (today's rant) I wish the government would insist truck and bus diesel exhaust be treated as restrictivly, but truckers have the Teamsters to lobby for diesel fumes, we gasoline/bike engine modifiers/users do not have a such a protective group to look after our interests

I often do what my common-sense wrenching background suggests. This practice comes from a lifetime of working on high performance street and race machines. Smoky Yunick was my hero.

I ran the hoses to a "T" and another hose from that back and down (to the side opposite the drive belt!), securing the end to the frame. I then angle-cut the end and positioned it to provide a bit of negative pressure/suction from the airstream to purge the blow-by out of the hose. I didn't use a filter as I didn't want to have to clean it periodically. I rode 100 miles today and there was no excess oil on the hose.

The bike pulls a LOT stronger now AND it's acceleration is quicker with the less-restrictive AC. I actually hit the rev limiter twice today going through 2nd gear 'cause I didn't shift quick enough!

I hope to post some detailed pics in a few days, but I've got to digest the cost of the AC and new seat before I can afford a digital camera. Guess I'll use the old Brownie and scan and post a few frames when Eckerd's 1-hour gets em back to me.

7th March 2005, 02:07
You are welcome Wizwil. I am glad you like your new setup.

There have been a few forum members who have gone this route since it has been posted here. I currently have a box to ship to SaltheWop over in Britain which includes a SE A/C kit and a helmet.

Enjoy your new found Zip. Barry

7th March 2005, 14:08
Wizwill, Thanks for the info. I look forward to the Brownie pics. I feel your pain about the cost of the seat. Mine is a Corbin. I love it and wouldn't trade it. I think the reason it is so comfortable is I have no money in my back pocket. :-)