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20th September 2006, 20:44
Some have said that the ME880 is an excellent tire. What I would like to know...is the 880 a better "quality" tire than the OEM Dunlop 401F I have on my '03 now (still orig. tires with 5400kms on them)? When it comes time to change tires which way should I go? My riding is mainly city and short weekend backroads rides. Tks.

20th September 2006, 21:11
it's SOOOOO hard to say which is the "best" tire. it's like the oil argument. there are many that are VERY passionate about the rubber they roll on, so, hang in there, one the passionate ones should chime in shortly.

Moved On / My Own Choice
20th September 2006, 21:23
Metzlers have improved the handling of every Harley (and a few other brands) that I've put them on.

Wear quality was usually equal to or better than the Dungflops in my experience, but I always used the ME 88 Marathons, and not usually ME 880s (not sure how similar they are).

Personally I wouldn't put another Dungflop on a Harley unless I had no other choice.


20th September 2006, 21:25
I agree, I'll never buy another Dunlop tire. I put Avon Venoms on the Sporty, have about 4K on them and they're great. The handling difference is like night and day. They apparently don't wear as well as the Dunlops, but that's a small price to pay for the improved handling.

20th September 2006, 22:01
For the type of riding you described, the Dunlops are fine. Dunlops get a bad rap because they are stock and so many think that anything stock sucks LOL. Anyway, Dunlops provide good all around performance (wet, dry, wear, puncture resistance, handling). I think the ME880's provide similar all around performance as the Dunlops with maybe a little better handling and a little less wear. Have you been happy with the Dunlops?

Lone Wolf in Canada
21st September 2006, 01:55
I've got 21,500 km's on my 05 custom. I do all highway riding through rolling country- sides. My original Dunlops have held up really well even in heavy rain. There's still tread on them and they grip the road good. But I think I'll try the Metzeler 880's next to compare the two brands. I'm going to wait until next Americade and buy them down in the States.

21st September 2006, 02:31
Harleys are tested and specified with Dunlop....

Maybe its because there's a Dunlop manufacturing plant here in Buffalo, but I swear by my 402's....long lasting tire, and good in all weather...

I really can't comment on the other brands, as I won't really consider them....never used them.....my understanding is that the 880's are "stickier", but I have no personal knowledge...

Even on the bikes I service and repair, its almost always Dunlops and the occasional Venom......

401's kinda suck, but the 402's have been a staple for me since I've owned a Harley.....

21st September 2006, 07:16
I run the 880's and I am sold on them. One thing I haven't seen anyone else mention is the deep tread depth the metzler's have, alot more than the dun-lappeds. But I believe them to be softer, and this results in the same tire life for me. I like the deep treads, makes feel better when it rains. But like was said before, most here are sold on what ever they are running after trying the others. If you do go metzler, be aware they run a higher air pressure 38-42 psi on the front,44-50 rear. Most HD techs will send you on your way with dunlop 32, they have every time I've had them mount 'em.

21st September 2006, 08:57
Stock Dunlop tires are like Flinstone tires compared to Metz.

21st September 2006, 09:05
I've found it's best to talk with your tire guys about the type of riding you usually do. They can help with the decision process.

I like to ride through the twisties of our local mountains, so my indy put the 401 on the front since it gives a little better traction as I'm going through the turns. But he suggested the 402 for the rear tire since it allows the same type of "bite" while providing a little deeper tread for longer freeway runs.

I've only had Dunlops, so I can help with the other brands.

- - - Ride safe... With fists in the wind.... :tour


Moved On / My Own Choice
21st September 2006, 13:10
For the type of riding you described, the Dunlops are fine. Dunlops get a bad rap because they are stock and so many think that anything stock sucks LOL.

Well, for the record, I tend to use OE parts for a lot of things, even tires in some cases. But when I changed my 93 XL from Dungflops to Metzlers the difference in handling (the improvement) was so great I was truly impressed. Not to mention the Metzlers WAY outlasted the Dungflops on that bike.

So as soon as I wore out the stock Dungflop on my 96 RK, I tried Metzlers.. and BAMN, same thing.

So on my 00 Guzzi, as soon as the stock tires (and they were a Metzler, but different compound) wore out in like 5k miles, I went to a smaller Marathon - got something like 16k miles out of it with better handling.

The only time I made the change and wasn't happy was when I changed out the Bridgestone Battleaxes (radials) on for radial metzlers on a BMW oilhead. That change sucked and I went back to the Battleaxles as soon as I could.

I don't prefer Metzlers cause they're not stock (they ARE/Were stock on my Guzzi and BMWs). I prefer them because the handling on my Harleys improved everytime I added them. Not to mention I got excellent tread life too.


21st September 2006, 22:07
To All:

WOW...Lots of good advice here re: tire replacement. I guess when the time comes it will be either the OEM Dunlops or the ME's. You people definately provided me with 'food for thought' and I appreciate it. When I change tires I will let you know which way I dedided to go. Thanks everyone.