View Full Version : Gear oil

25th September 2006, 04:14
I know the gear oil is supposed to be 75W-90. Would anyone think there would be a problem if 80W-90 is used? I don't ride when it's real cold anyways.

26th September 2006, 04:48
You should be ok, as long as there's not a huge amount of moly. I think companies like spectro and revtech use something like straight 80w for their primary/tranny oils, not 100% for sure though.

29th September 2006, 05:13
well, it does seem to have quieted down the tranny. the "clunk" isn't as loud and i seem to have less trouble finding neutral. i did find a lot of metal shavings on the magnetic drain plug. amazing how much wore off. never saw that before, but then i never did this before either.

i actually need to add a little more oil there because i put on my new skull primary cover and there appears to NOT be made the same as the stock cover. so a little of the oil leaked out. luckily, i still had newspaper under there. make sure you check any new replacement primary cover to make sure it looks the same on the inside. don't let this happen to you. i guess it could've been worse if i just took off without checking it.