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19th December 2008, 04:36
I posted about my father in-law earlier how he'd like to go for a ride. He's up in age and wouldn't be able to ride himself or on the back. It got me to thinking about kids with disabilities that some motorcycle groups do runs for. Most of these groups ride their bikes over at Christmas and what not and give these kids a chance to see the bikes. But would it not be cool if these kids - many who could not be able to ride on the back - could get in the wind with a ride in the side car of someones bike? Something that they could not experience any other way. It must be hard to see all the bikes and get all excited but not be able to ride one.

23rd December 2008, 20:32
I like the idea.


Thats a company that makes sidecars but you'll be set back atleast $3300 at a baseline with no options.

24th December 2008, 03:36
I'll go check that out. Thanks.
Been over to some other sites like Texas sidecar (I think it was) but also checking ads, craigs list, hd4sale and others for an old one to fix up. If you happen to see one please let me know.

24th December 2008, 04:17
There was one here on craigs list for 800 the other day, nice looking side car to.

25th December 2008, 04:03
what location craigs list was it?