View Full Version : TC88A INSTALL

8th March 2005, 13:33
Well my parts have been slowly getting here, stacking up on the bench. Decided to go ahead and start installing a few of the parts. I installed the tc88a ignition last night. This was a true bolt in piece, took about 20 minutes, 15 of those was to read the instructions. When it was all hooked up I turned the key on hit the start button and bam !!!!!!! It fired up right up, rode it and readjusted the rev limiter up to about 6000. Really can't see a big difference but haven't put the laptop on it either yet as I am still waiting for the cable. suppose to be in the high 70's this week so I'll do some street dyno work on it tonight when I get home. Still waiting to install the cams, had to order the cam gasket as the dealers here don't stock it, they have the cams but no cam gasket. go figure it out !!!!!!!

8th March 2005, 13:49
Let me know how that laptop programming turns out would ya? I have a TC88A as well but not the cable. Might get one if it helps.