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26th November 2004, 21:27
I am looking to make some changes to my sporty, first I would like to change the gas tank. I have heard that a low rider tank will fit on a sporty with no modifications other than some wireing. I am looking for a bigger bike look without giving up my sporty. I have a 2003 XL standard 883 and want to keep, just looking for some upgrade tips on the tank so I can move speedometer and things to the tank. Just started riding again last year after 25 years away from bikes, man, did I miss out.

26th November 2004, 21:30
Welcome sportster, ya might want to check this site out http://www.ultimaproducts.com/gastanks.htm :D

26th November 2004, 22:50
Thanks for the info, just looked it up, looks like what I need, I emailed them for some additional info.

26th November 2004, 23:31
Let me know how it prices out...etc. I like that tank also

26th November 2004, 23:50
In an earlier thread someone mentioned removing that polished strip on the tank so I removed mine and I like the results.

27th November 2004, 03:05
i found that fog hollow had some good prices on the sportbobs with dashes. Also I found another place that was a bit cheaper..

I have not personally dealt with them yet though!!

27th November 2004, 03:10

The FXDL will require some mods. to the Tank!! It won't bolt right on!!
Some minor welding is required to move the mounting tabs..

27th November 2004, 03:16
those sportbobs with the dash....is it a pretty easy swap?

or will this be a nightmare?

13th December 2004, 02:32

I am replacing the peanut tank with a flat side tank using a Bob McKay mounting braket. I have the coil and switch relocation kit but it came with no papers. The switch relo is from the right front to the left rear - bolts onto the rear cylinder mount plate right behind the OEM horn. (The bolt about 1 inch in front of the rear spark plug) I flipped the choke plate from in front of the horn to behind the horn. This is bolted on using the horn bolt.

Has anyone else done this coil relo and where did you relocate it to?

This is for a 95 hugger.

Thanks - Mark

13th December 2004, 03:18
Look at a 93 and maybe that will help. You are talking about relocating ignition to where my 1993 has it stock. Mounted on the bracket between the two cylinders. I think anyway. If that is the case write me a p.m. and I will take a picture for you. My ignition is just above the horn in the photo.