View Full Version : Weld On ring gear help

9th March 2005, 21:44
Ok guys I am new I will post later in the newbie section. My situation is this

My weld on ring gear just came and it is beveled. I do not know which way the bevel is supposed to go. Does anyone remember which way there electric start ring gear tips?

Is it out toward the outer of the bike or in toward the tranny Thanks guys for any help

9th March 2005, 22:07
I went out in the garage and looked at a 4 speed one I have. There is no bevel on the out side. I figure the hub might have a small radius so the ring gear has a bevel. My brother put 3 small tig welds on the one that is in the bike now. It does not need a lot of weld.

9th March 2005, 23:12
thanks ted. I put it on both ways and looked at it. One direction it is almost right on the drive chain if you flip it over it has plenty of room so i would have to figure pleanty of room would be the way lol.

How long was the welds he put on about 2" in 3 spots?

12th March 2005, 21:05
there are a few bad pics of before i started with the sporty in my gallery now. I will try to get some durings tomarrow. I will have some pics of the pistons and the chain clearance and stuff so I can get some opinions on the ring gear so i can send it out to be welded. Pics makes things easier to understand.

As it stands right now the only thing left to tear off the motor is the tranny and the jugs. Pistons look minorly black like a rich condition no signs of oil leaking from the valves. all the bolts are corroded and way old so I know it couldnt have been torqued correctly. have not looked at the bore yet but these walls seem real thin. seems some of the gaskets were replaced but not all of them. Push rod tube seals are rotted. I found 2 broke case bolts I dont even know what I am going to do about it. The case really needs split to get the out but thats more than I am willing to do. well thats my update so far.