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10th March 2005, 14:06
I know this may be a dumb question but I am not a very smart guy :D . I am looking to get a 19" front to replace my 21". I have looked on ebay and I am wondering does it matter if the wheel came off a dual disc set up when mine is a single disc. Also what years will fit my 04 custom? I appreciate any help you guys/gals can offer.

10th March 2005, 14:13
I am wanting a 21" for my 92 but I am wanting to swap to a dual disc setup as well I am havin a hellof a time I need some help as well

10th March 2005, 14:28
As far as I know (CYA), the wheels are the same, unless it explicitly says that it won't work with single disk / or it won't work with dual disk. The wheels, when used with single disk, use a hubcap and a larger spacer in place of the brake disk. You'll just need to add the correct spacers and hubcaps if you don't have one.

I think the fitment is 00-03 Dyna's and 96+ Sportsters for front wheels.


10th March 2005, 22:47
i dont know

11th March 2005, 04:40
u need a wheel for an '00 and newer narrow glide front end... not sure about the brake thing tho...